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If you are wondering what is the right dog for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about tail wagging and learning.

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Chilly dog!
Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 2:34pm PST 
Hey everyone,

I'm thinking of adding another pup to our family, preferably a big active one, and I need some help choosing a breed.

Here's my dog ownership/training background:
-first dog was a VERY high energy GSD cross (high energy meaning she made the average border collie look like a couch potato) and I trained her in agility and advanced obedience, as well as lots of tricks
-second and current dog is a purebred Chinese Crested, Monty, and we're working on our second set of obedience classes, a few silly tricks, and looking into conformation showing, therapy work and maybe lure coursing when he’s a bit older.

So I guess you could say I like to keep my dogs busy, BOL! I'm a pretty dominant person (not aggressive, I just don't take any crap) and I'd like a dog with the potential to go to a high level in some type of sport--either obedience or agility which I've already tried, or something totally new like herding or flyball.

I’m not afraid of “scary” looking dogs, and the BSL in my area is pretty minimal (and weird—you have to pay for a dangerous dog license if your dog LOOKS like a pit bull type, but not if he’s registered or eligible to be registered).

Grooming isn’t really an issue, though I do tend to prefer either dogs with short smooth coats or really long beautiful ones, not so much in between.

Now for the bad stuff... I do live in a small apartment and I work between 4 and 8 hours every day, and the walls aren't exactly thick, so a breed that tended to be yappy or very protective probably wouldn't suit my lifestyle. There is the possibility of doggie daycare, but part of why I want a second dog is to keep Monty company, and he stays at home all day already.

That’s about it! Any suggestions?

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Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 2:51pm PST 
it's up to you. First you and your family make a top 10 list of your favorite breeds. The research each one creating files of this one breed that youre interested in. Choose the best one for your family.

Next find a dog. Don't have your heart set on just one dog browse around at your shelter ( if you are looking at shelter pups). The ultimate decision is up to your dog.

a nice well rounded shelter asks you to bring your dog in to meet the dog you are looking at. If theyget along then you are probably all set.

Also since it looks like you are a smaller dog look for dogs without high pray drives.

Labrador Retrievers for an example are excellent dogs if you have the space,time, money, and aren't afraid of some dog hair. A bad thing about them for people with smaller animals is some have very high prey drives especially ones with a hunting back groud such as Belgian. They can however be taught to get along with small animals. Look at the thread " Before you adopt a lab.." to learn more about labradors if you are interested in this breed.

Good luck though

Chilly dog!
Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 4:48pm PST 
The list of top 10 breeds sounds like a good idea, but I think if I really thought about it I'd have closer to a top 100!

Labs are beautiful dogs, but the only ones I've ever known have been fat and lazy (probably mostly the owner's fault) or loud and neurotic (probably also mostly the owner's fault)--is that just my few bad experiences?

My favorite breeds I could list offhand in no particular order would be:
-Border Collie
-Weimeraner --> are there any rescues for them in the US? I haven't found any in Canada except the official Weim club's site, and they rarely/never have rescues because they're too rare.
-Rough Collie
-Old English Sheepdog --> is it true that they're extremely expensive?

So mostly herding dogs and sighthounds, I guess.

♥Lenn- on♥

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Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 4:53pm PST 
I see Whippet on your list but have you ever considered a greyhound??? I used to own one and she was the most amazing house dog ever!! Never barked and was home alone for quite a while during the day.

Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 5:20pm PST 
I would vote for a Fox Terrier, probably because I think Molly is the best dog ever. She's definetly high energy - She's very smart but very stubborn so it take some work to get her to obey but once she "gets it" it's there for good. She loves other dogs and loves to play. Molly is not yappy at all - that may just be a Molly thing and not a breed thing. I'd say just have an idea of what you're looking for, check out the shelters and you'll find the right dog for you !!
Good Luck - keep us posted !!!

Chilly dog!
Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 7:44pm PST 
Oops, how could I forget Greyhounds! They are also beautiful dogs. I have heard that there is a big difference between Greyhounds off the track and Greyhounds from non-racing breeders--is this true?

Also, Fox Terriers--my aunt used to have 3 of them and they were very sweet dogs, (not yappy either) but I'd prefer a larger dog.

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Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 8:00pm PST 
-Doberman- We used to have some growing up. They i think though would prefer larger dog companions. they could end up trying to love a sweet pup like you and accidentley crush you. ( my dogs were sweet but could never be around little dogs. they loved them TOO much) Need room
-Border Collie - they might end up herding your lil guy. Needs room to run
-Weimeraner --> HUnting dogs i would stay away from because of prey drive. need room to run
-Whippet- i would think it would be a good choice
-Saluki- could be good choice
-Rough Collie - i m not sure if they "herd people" like australians and borders do. If so stay away from them.
-Old English Sheepdog --> Same thing as the rough collie
Greyhound- Sems like a good idea

Labradors are hard to maintain. They can become obese very fast..Just saing because you were talking about their weight. When people say thinking about a 2nd dog. I always try to throw a quick pitch at the maitance of the labrador. Alot seem to think it's a perfect breed. Honestly it's not the breed for everyone

Chilly dog!
Barked: Wed Dec 6, '06 8:15pm PST 
That's true about the big herding breeds possibly unintentional hurting little Monty, but would you think it would still be a problem if I got a younger (and therefore smaller or the same size) herding breed or Dobe so that it would grow up knowing that Monty was in charge?

I just thought that might be the case because I know with my GSD cross, she made friends with lots of little dogs (Bichons, Toy Poodles, etc) at the off leash park when she was a puppy about the same size as them, and when she was grown up she acted super respectful towards those same little dogs.

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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 10:21am PST 
A dog's personality will determine how it will act with Monty. Depending on whether it is a dominant or submissive type. You may get a large breed that lets him be top dog, or you may get a tiny dog that takes over - you have to let the dogs work out their own "order".

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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 10:01pm PST 
I grew up with Rough Collies, and they are herders, but not near to the point of the aussies or border collies I've known. We had six kids and they did not nip our heels or clothes when we ran around. They do tend to want to get a long well with other dogs, without a lot of the dominant behaviours I have seen in many other breeds. I think of them as sweet natured. I do not know if a young one would suit an apartment, but after about two they slow down. They also require a lot of brushing.

We also owned a Cocker/Terrier Mix, and a Teddy Roosevelt Rat Terrier. They both bossed all the collie's around. I have not experienced the other breeds.

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