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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 4:47am PST 
I went into a pet store with my husband 3 years ago, not looking to buy, I was against pet stores. But I saw a little red stag min pin in a cage alone, and while all the other puppies were loud and jumping, he couldn't even lift his head. His tail had a big scar, where someone had docked it wrong, I suppose, and he was shaking uncontrollably. He had yellow gunk around his eyes and was coughing. When I told my husband that I wanted him, he gave me a "what for?" kind of look. The woman at the pet store actually told me that he only had a 7 day guarantee instead of the regular 1 year guarantee because they didn't know what was wrong with him! I promptly bought him, ($350!), and took him to the vet. He had an ear infection, upper respitory infection and an eye infection. I have had my Shady for 3 years now, and even though he wasn't at a shelter or rescue, I still feel like I rescued him. I will never go into a pet shop again. I did not even take him back for the shots that the woman told me to come back for, I got them at the vet. Now I work right across the street from the pet shop I bought Shady from, and it makes me sick to look over my desk and see people giving them their buisness. I wish everyone was educated on puppy mills and pet stores. I guarantee if they were, these places would be shut down for good.
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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 5:14am PST 
Lady is a pet store rescue. My sister in law worked there and Lady was over 4 months old and was "unsellable" due to chronic ear infections and food aggression. She called me knowing my love for the Spaniels. One look at her and I knew I couldn't leave her there. After much love and care she grew to be the beautiful little Lady she is now. She has never had another ear infection,(hmmm) and has no food aggression. But she did have many behavior issues when she first came to us. She is on the nervous side and would cower when we stood over her for any reason. Her cage in the "sick room" was 2'X4' and she lived there without being taken out for extended periods. It took forever to housebreak her. Pet store puppies are nororious for this due to the fact they are encouraged to go to the bathroom where they eat, confusing for a pup to go against his instinct in the first place. Pet stores should sell pet supplies, I see so many pups in the stores with bad eyes, bad ears and they are all on display like it is not a problem. Last week there was a chi/terrier mix (all the puppies are now designer mixed breeds for 1000 and up) had such an accumulation of brown gook in its ears! My sister in law quit not long after I got Lady, it was too much for her. All the puppies are given breathing treatments as most come in with respitory infections. Many have had surgeries for hernias and cherry eye repairs. This is just one store in my small town! All are quarantined for 3 days after arrival and the employees that care for them are never allowed to interact with customers, they employ "caretakers" and "floor sales" . Caretakers at this store are secluded in the rear of the store behind the cages and even use a different entrance. Sadly I know the owner of this store, my company did the electrical work when they were opening. I did confront him about all of this and lets just say he isn't very fond of me.

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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 6:27am PST 
Pet shops make me so angry...I feel so helpless to do anything. I don't usually go to malls so it's been a long time since I've seen a pet shop in a mall but recently I went to Boston and went to the mall there and saw a pet shop.I have never seen so many dogs in one shop. They were all in the cages shaking (all toy breeds). I refused to go in but my parents wanted me to come look at a dog in there that looked like my Lily (just for the heck of it, they ,know not to support those places). I made sure while I was in there to go on a LOUD rant about petshops/puppy mills and how lonely and sad pet shop dogs are. I made sure everyone could hear me. Hopefully someone did....there were a ton of people in there.
I suppose the best thing I could do is get some pamphlets on puppy mills and hand them out to people walking into the pet shops. I don't know if that's legal or not............

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Beau Chien,- NPC, PAWS

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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 8:28am PST 
I just want to say one thing...

We go to pet stores to look at the puppies and coo and caw over them. But we would NEVER buy from a pet store.

And you know what? I'm not trying to be rude here... but 'saving a dog from a pet store'? Yeah right. The pet stores looove to sell dogs to suck-ups that think like that. "Oh, I'm saving it because it would have died." Yeah, it very well could have died. But if you think about it... you're just killing more animals by buying it. They pet store gets money, they buy more puppies from PUPPY MILLS, which treat their dogs SO badly. You can NEVER understand unless you've seen pictures... I know I never did. I knew that puppy mills are bad but... not until I saw the pictures were my eyes opened.

Scary scary stuff man.

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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 8:55am PST 
Some of us were completely ignorant to the whole puppy mill thing when we got our pups from a pet store. After getting a really sick dog and a pack of lies we have learned the hard way. We would much rather get a dog from a shelter now. We won't give another dime to a pet store that sells live cats and dogs.

Bear was not a rescue in the traditional sense either, I got him privately off of someone who kept him in the backyard for a year. To me bear is a rescue too.

We can't completely condemn people who got their pets from a pet store, some of them did not know that they were supporting evil. I like pet stores that host shelter animals.

I don't condemn people that fall for Nigerian puppy scams either, you live and you learn by experience.
Scooby, CGN

Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 9:09am PST 
Pet stores make me laugh! They THINK they are knowledgble on their mechandise, but I think, if it breathes, they are WAY OUT TO LUNCH! The should stick to selling accesories for your pet...not the pet!

It is certainly a sin that pet stores carry dogs, cats, exotic birds, etc. And like most people have stated, most of these aren't it good health to begin with, come from puppy mills, "bird mills", etc. These stores are soley out to make a buck. Person buys a unhealthy puppy...gets tired of caring for it, takes it to the pound, and the cycle starts again.

Just buying fish from a pet store can be interesting! Certain fish can't be in the same tank as other fish, but pet store people will constantly allow a person to buy...say a goldfish and put it in the same tank as a neon, or those little sharks. So why do people think that their $400 plus dog will be OK, if fish (at $15-$20 are far from OK). As far as I'm concerned, maybe the governments should spend their time and money to prevent the commercial sale of cats and dogs instead of trying to ban breeds.

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Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 7:35pm PST 
It is SO hard walking into those petstores knowing that those dogs are highly prone to genetic complications, and will most likely have a difficult life. It makes me mad to think that some one would do that knowingly to innocent puppies, they have to suffer for one human's greed. We can't even walk into petstores that are selling puppy mill dogs, just knowing the puppies possible future.
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