Calling All Chihuahua lovers!!! Help my chichi win!

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MayMay Lewis

Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 11:30pm PST 
My name is Shelby Lewis and I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with my four year old chihuahua, MayMay. She is my everything! I spoil her rotten. She does whatever she wants when she wants and she bosses me and my husband around like you wouldn't believe. Dont even get me started on her attitude! She is something else.

So because I am obsessed with MayMay I entered her into a contest in out local news paper, BarkMadness. This contest is to find the areas cutest dog. Over 200 dogs were entered into and MayMay has fought all the way to the to the "furry four". Right now she is head to head with a beagle with a HUGE fan base or more obsessed parents then my husband and me (Not sure thats possible!!) because they are currently head of us.

So that's why I'm here... We need yalls help!! Its a very simple process. There is no sign up or registration of any kind. Just follow the link to the page and vote for #4 (MayMay). Vote as many times as you like. If she wins she will get a write up in the paper along with a photo shoot smile Every vote matters so please please please help us by voting!!!!

http://www.shreveporttimes.com/interactive/article/201 30327/NEWS01/303270001/Bark-Madness-1-Macy-vs-4-May-May

P.s. I'm already addicted to this page. Once all this voting is over with I will tell everyone MayMay's life story along with some questions I have for other chihuahua parents! I will keep eveyone posted on the contest once I get updates. Thanks in advance to everyone who will be voting!