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Muffy Mouse

Queen of all I- survey!!
Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 7:33am PST 
Me Muffy, look for Chiwawa is love friends!
Birdie- (12-15-2002/- 7-15-2011)

Lets take a- nap!! - *snickers*
Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 12:25pm PST 
Muffy you weren't kidding!!!!! You've "marked" all the spotslaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud good girl!! BOL!! I will miss you hurry back soon.
♥Zeld- a- Marie&hearts- ;

Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 12:49pm PST 
Hi Muffy! We're here! cheer wave

♥The- Tater Tots!

Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 12:51pm PST 
We're sure going to miss you, Muffy! Make sure you stay on those hoomans to get your internet hooked up! way to go dog dog dog dog

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Love Mommy\\\'s- Lap
Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 3:35pm PST 
Hi Muffy - we are here too! wave

Anything But- Oridanry!
Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 4:33pm PST 
Hi Muffy, we will miss you!!!

Laci & Tawni
Muffy Mouse

Queen of all I- survey!!
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 9:23am PST 
Thanks, tomorrow is the moving day; sigh...Mom not let me outside, only in carrier or in covered stroller. She ascared of varmints! Hope to have internet service soon...Love you all, Muffy Mouse
Inky Dinky- Doodle

Happpy Birfday,- Betsy RAe!!!
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 9:47am PST 
I'm here, too, Muffy! Miss you, lil girl!! We have coyotes where I live,too, but I've never seen one! You be careful, sweetie, and hurry back!!!wink


Merry Christmas
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 7:42pm PST 
Wanna be my friend?

Barked: Sat Mar 24, '07 12:30pm PST 
hi muffywave its boomie, i want to be your friend, my mom taught me a lot bout love. she loves me lots and lots, she cant live with out me and i cant live with out her either.
hope you got to your new home okay.

woof woof,
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