Do You Like Getting Your Picture Taken?

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Logan- ♥

You say spoiled- like it's a bad- thing.
Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 8:45pm PST 
We refuse to pose...any shots Mom gets are on the run, especially with Daisy. For some reason, she hates the camera.
Miss Daisy

Devil dog
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 12:52am PST 
Love it. After all what else do they need to take pictures of!!laugh out loud

Up-Up, Mommy!
Barked: Fri Mar 9, '07 10:34pm PST 
I don't mind getting my picture taken. I'd much rather play and run around than keep still, though. wink Tidbit is pretty good at keeping still for a long time. She runs to the treat jar as soon as she's done, though. BOL


Miss Barky Pants
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 11:06am PST 
we have nevr been trained to sit still. any good pictures the pawrents get is luck. Sometimes Ricky and I have puposely turned our heads away from the camera. A little orange light comes on and we figured out a flash is coming when we see it. Mom is very glad for digital,NO wasted film big grin
Angel- Gabriel

Ready for the- cover of DQ
Barked: Sat Mar 10, '07 7:25pm PST 
big grin I love it! I sit and wait for the flash, then I go get my treat. I know how Mom wants me to sit, so I'll go sit and pose all on my own! BTW, Rico, I see you are enjoying a bit o' the green!! Babby Jessie can't sneak up and pinch you!!big laugh
Izzie Belle

Why walk, when I- can run?!?
Barked: Tue Mar 20, '07 4:54pm PST 
Mommy seems to get a kick out of taking our picture so we sit pretty and let her do it...as long as there isn't something more interesting happening. wink (nn)
Jouet (Aug- 31,2001-May- 8,2008)

Good Momma!
Barked: Thu Apr 5, '07 11:20pm PST 
I always strike a pose when I see a camera!
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