Severe Allergies - Advice or Info

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Water Lover
Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 4:56am PST 
Severe Allergies - Advice or Info

Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 1:34am PST 
Wow, I'm the first to respond to this!

Well are you talking about being extrememly allergic to a Chessie? Do you still have the Chessie?

I haven't had too much problems with mine yet, but I'm bathing him more often than will be good for him as an adult with that fur of theirs. But maybe if you have to bathe him/her often to make the allergies settle down. I noticed greasy dogs drive me crazy.

Also, can you teach him/her never to lick? Licking also makes me get hives and itch like crazy, so I haven't let Buddy lick me from day one.

Benadryl....I'm also on prescription allegra. These seem to help.

When I first got my cat, I was pretty allergic to him also, but built up a tolerance pretty quickly, now I can bury my face in his fur with no problems. Time will tell if we can build up resistance to Chessies!

Hang Loose Haui
Barked: Sun Jan 4, '09 6:07pm PST 
Need a little bit more information to give you any worthwhile advice. Exactly what are "severe allergies"? What symptoms does the dog have-if itchy, where? ; what are you feeding, how long have you had the dog, what is the age, etc. Tell us a bit more about exactly what is going on with the dog, and we'd be happy to help.