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Hi, i have two cavaliers at the moment and in total 5 all together in the past. Dylan (a 4year old tri colour)kept getting requests over the park from people asking me if i was interested in having him breed with their dog! My initial response was no to every ask as i dont feel as though its right. But now im thinking that it would be lovely to have two dogs blood related! im such an animal lover and dont think i could cope with his puppies being sold and taken away however that would be the case considering i carnt keep all of them! the bitchs owner im guessing would sell them and i was hoping to keep one myself as i say to have two related. Is there any king charles cavalier breeders out there with a website ect that anyone can recommend?
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A lot of people "stud" their dogs. Some stud owners ask a breeding fee. You can also require pick of litter. Just write up and have the bitch's owner sign legal documents. You might want to go to a attorneys office and ask them to help you make them legally binding. Also you should do the breeding at her home so you know where she lives and she cant stiff you at puppy time. Good luck in whatever you choose. wishes