Anybody getting pee on their leg?

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Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 9:05am PST 
We just adopted our first Cav (a 1 1/2 year old) had him neutered last week. He pees by lifting his leg, and sometimes he gets some on the back of his front leg (on the little fringe). Does that happen to anybody else? We often have to wash his leg after he goes out. We don't know if this is common for Cavs or if he's just having trouble balancing after getting "fixed." Thoughts anyone?
Sparky- Doodle- Doo...

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Barked: Tue Sep 18, '07 10:44pm PST 
I'm so glad to hear that other Cavalier's have this discusting habit. Mine does it too only he gets it all over his skirt and both front legs almost up to his elbows. IT'S SO ANNOYING! His problem is that he isn't neutered so he never empties his bladder at once so he has to pee as high as he can. He looses his balance and pee's all over himself. I HATE IT! I adopted him when he was 2 1/2 years old and thats why the owner got rid of him. If i were to get him neutered now at his age he'd still do it so i don't plan on neutering him. He's my "Stud Muffin". I tell everyone he'd be the perfect dog if he didn't pee on himself...... Just as i'm writing this he came inside from outside jumped in my lap and had poop all over his feet so i had to throw him in the bathtub just now. When he poops he walks backwards in a circle causing him to step in his own pile. SO GROSS!
Louie- Tarlentino

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Barked: Wed Sep 19, '07 5:55pm PST 
My Cavalier Louie won't lift his leg and he always pees on his front feet! I thought it was just mine!!! I bought some of those dry bathing cloths to keep outside to clean up his feet before we go in. That seems to keepthe carpet clean...

Bentley(went- 2 a new- home)

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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '07 6:09pm PST 
Me me me! I pee pee pee on my frills too! I am a smelly dog mom says cus I do this! shrugbig laughbig grin
ANGEL Peggy- Sue

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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '07 9:57pm PST 
Pardon the feminine interruption...but must tell you .... Peggy Sue, Holly & Molly....love to STREET POOP.... When we are out for walkies... there is just something about crossing the street... right in the middle.... there they go circling.... to get just the right spot!
Fortunately our street is not very busy! Hee Hee...laugh out loud Smart doggies.. If they could talk they would say it is their answer to our city ordinance where humans are fined if their doggies "go" in peops yards...(of course we pick up our poo) But our cavies say there is no law about STREET POOPING! big laugh

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Barked: Sun Nov 4, '07 6:42am PST 
Mom says i dont have anything wrong with peeing but when it comes to pooping i circle around about a million times and step in my poop. But that is sometimes.
Carly- Rosebud- *2001-2012*

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Barked: Wed Feb 6, '08 8:10am PST 
Oh my goodness, I STREET POOP TOO!!!! I never knew other girls did that BOL. I like to poop directly in front of the door of our neighbor in our apartment building. The lady once gave me a very hard treat I couldn't eat. I seem to have a knack fur pooping just as one of the neighbors drives up and walks by. hee hee.

Cuddle Bug
Barked: Mon Mar 3, '08 6:42pm PST 
I pee on my leg when I pee. I was neutered last summer when I was 3 years old but I don't think that makes much of a difference. I just have to get leg baths more often.

Barked: Wed Mar 19, '08 7:43pm PST 
Try to discourage Baxter from lifting his leg. Praise and reward him when he squats. Our dog trainer says that lifting their leg is "marking their behavior" and domineering. They don't have to lift their leg. During a walk, he says to let them lift their leg only 3 times. Our Cavalier Jordan doesn't pee himself, but sometimes he hits his big sister Buffy's head frown

Barked: Mon Apr 21, '08 10:57am PST 
I pee all over my front legs and my tummy hairs. I also have a nasty tendency to pee on my sisters!! My brother will pee on me but usually does not hit himself, just lifts his leg to me when I lift mine to our sisters!
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