If it is a Catahoula, you will know as they are unique!

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This was what i was told when i went looking for a replacement dog(first was a Plott Hound). Saw an ad in the local paper, went out, there were several pups and the people also raised pigs(and they were big wild hog hunters one of the Catahoula's strong suits). The first pup brought out was so ugly and skinny I knew she was for me, lol.

Unique does not begin to describe her. They are not hounds but she talks and sings, an eery sound. When chastised she mutters. She has webbed feet so i looked for feathers. She is strictly a house pet who gets her walks and chases squirrels in our back yard.

One 'glass' eye and one of the few 'houlas with a stump for a tail. It was not cut. It could be used to generate electricity. She is a hot dog, temperature wise. She eats absolutely anything we give her from pickles, to salad, to pizza and of course any dog food is fin e with her.

So you might think I like her a lot and you would be right.


her favorite pool game:

Her funky chin and glass eye


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