Catahoula//Border Collie//Lab Retriever mix???

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Barked: Mon Aug 8, '11 10:51am PST 
Hi I recently adopted my dog from the SPCA and the information given to us at the shelter was that he was a lab retriever mix of some sort... Im thinking catahoula and border collie is more like it but what do you guys think? Webbed feet and loves to swim. Medium sized dog no more than 40 pounds.

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Barked: Sat Feb 18, '12 7:30am PST 
We had the same experience. We adopted a lab from the Richmond, VA SPCA. We had a DNA test done and found out the it was a Cataloula/Collie mix!

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Barked: Wed Feb 22, '12 9:23pm PST 
I have two Catahoula Leopard dogs, female. Does your dog have webbed feet all the way to the toes? Doe he/she have a tail that curves tightly over her back and has a white tip? If so could be a Houla with a mix of another, lab or collie.. Enjoy, beautiful dog.