Funny eating habits

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Well, I don't know how much I can offer that hasn't already been expressed here. I just know that my little boy is the light of my life and he is the sweetest smartest dog I have ever come across. He only does his business in very specific area, a flower bed on the extreme edge of the property and kicks up a storm when he is done, especially if he is not in his "territory". He digs, but I would consider the holes to be a lot bigger than snout pits. He will "bury" any bones or chews or even some special toys. If he can't get outside he will "bury" his treasure in plain sight in our bed. He also "dens" under the bed since he was a very young pup. He has a funny thing with taking a mouthful of food and spitting it out on the ground (or floor) before eating it. He is very protective of me and very attached to me. I don't know for sure if he is CD or not, but I'd say there is a pretty good chance. Either way he is the apple of my eye!
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we have a Carolina Dog, Abby. I find her doing some of the same things as your baby. Abby just recently started going under our bed to sleep. And I could pull her out a million times and she just goes back. The only time she is not under the bed is when she is in our bed sleeping. She also started to pull food out of her bowl, spit it out and then eat it. I found this strange at first. I now understand the breed more. But I scolded her in her eating habits because I didn't want food all over my house. I was insistant she eat in her bowl. After a couple of days she now eats out of the bowl. They are wonderful dogs and mine to so funny to watch. We love her. Have fun with your baby.

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My Carolina dog, Wilson, was a mutt in my mind for the first 8 years he has been our dog.

Then thanks to "Google Images" I learned his true doggy heritage about 8 months ago.

He's a very fit 9 now looking much the same as when he was 1.

He's always been a very primitive dog. Hostile to people outside of our family. Not exactly vicious, but he's fearful of teenage boys and men and has bit into the shirts of several who got too close too soon.

We keep his food in his crate and he's shown the following 2 unusual food protective habits:

1) He uses his snout to push a blanket he has in hs crate over his food to hide it

2) Every night when I fill his bowl he growls at me until I pretend I'm going to steal his food. Then he'll put his body between me and the bowl while growling menacingly. I'll then start to push him away and he actually snarls and bares his teeth. Even though it looks as if he's going to attack me if I keep it up I stick my hand in his mouth as he's snarling and he won't bite me. Once I back off he'll bring individual pieces of dry dog food up to me and drop it on the floor and eat, ready to charge back to protect his bowl if I head back that way. Then afer the 3rd piece he'll stand over his bowl and eat the rest like a "normal" dog would.

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@Jethro that is so funny my Brandi does that too shock except she will do her business in the backyard but I have had plenty of times on walks where she steps in her poop cause she is too busy kicking up a storm to cover her poo/mark her territory. She tries to hide her pig ear under the bed sheets that touch the floor and will always try to run out and hide it in a hole we have where previous dogs have dug near non functioning water taps naughty big laugh she is so silly and doesn't like strangers but she is now willing to sit with me and my boyfriend on the couch oh and of course the spitting out her food on the runner carpet and then eating it

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