Could Ike be a Carolina Dog?

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Mr. Mush
Barked: Sat Dec 3, '11 10:35am PST 
When we adopted Ike from the shelter, they said he was a shepherd mix. He is 17"-18" high and weighs 40 lbs. He is muscular and agile. He has some Basenji characteristics: wrinkled brow, tail sometimes curled over body, cleans himself like a cat, whines, howls, growls and "talks". He also has a lot of Carolina Dog characteristics: he is a tan/ginger color with lighter colors around the neck and shoulders; the fur is thicker around the neck and shoulders; he has feathering on the back of his legs; he has a black triangle on his tail; his tail is usually in a fishhook shape; he has almond eyes with "eyeliner", has a wedge-shaped head; loves being outdoors; likes to swim. The differences are his floppy ears and he sheds. He loves to be chased, especially if he has a bone in his mouth. He has a very fun, clownish personality. He behaves somewhat like a sight hound but more like a scent hound. His nose is always sniffing and his cheeks puff out when he's smelling. We believe he came from the south to New York via a rescue bus. Any ideas?

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