What intereating facts do you know about Carolina dogs?

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"I need to be- outside"
Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 12:41am PST 
I recently discovered that my dog is probably a Carolina dog and found out that they may be the closest breed to the wolf. My dog has a lot of interesting traits and has the urge to form a pack and chase a variety of critters. He is usually quiet but sometimes bays or howls like a wolf. He is calm and sensitive as well which is an interesting contrast to his wild urges. Do any of you out there have stories about your Carolina dogs or insights into this fascinating breed?

Sugar Belle with- a nice dash of- spice
Barked: Mon Apr 23, '07 6:11pm PST 
GiGi is about 2.5 now and for a while I have sworn she looks just like a dingo. One with blue eyes anyway. I am just learning about Carolina Dogs/American Dingos. Some of her traits are;

*Incredibly soft and clean smelling fur.
*Herding instinct with other dogs.
*Very loving and intelligent.
*Her appearance is identical (except for the sky blue eyes) to many Carolina Dog photos I have seen posted from breeders.
*Very vocal, we'd love to know exactly what she's saying.
*Excellent watch dog
*All the 4 yr olds in the neighborhood say "Mommy, I think that dog's a wolf".
*Devoted to pleasing family. We call her "Play-doh Dog" because she is always compliant whether we want to play, snuggle, sleep, etc.

I've had some amazing pets but this dog is a once in a lifetime pet.
Cotton, TDI,- CGC, TFP-I,- FMX

You can't resist- me.
Barked: Sun May 6, '07 10:46pm PST 
I agree that my Carolina Dog is a once in a lifetime kind of pup. She's the best. I have only had one other dog in my lifetime so I am not able to make good comparisons about her vs. other dogs. Cotton is very sweet and a bit timid on her own but when with at pack, she can become quite boisterous. She is an awesome athlete. She plays frisbee, fetch, flyball, dock dogs, and excelled in her first agility class. She is also very obedient. She always appears very clean although she runs through fields, puddles (well, after she runs the mud off anyway), grass, weeds, anywhere and everywhere. I have noticed that most dogs look greasy after their monthly flea treatments but within days she doesn't look like anything was there. She likes to dig and fortunately for her there is a large sandbox in the backyard. She is allowed to dig in there and she leaves my area alone. At one point I hadn't payed attention to her digging in quite a while so when I looked over and noticed what looked like a caved in trench, I was quite surprised. If a small animal ends up in the backyard, all bets are off. She runs through the flower beds without a second thought to catch it. Before I got her, I could not get rid of my gophers. By the time she was 4 or 5 months old, they were all gone. She was very proud of her first catch and insisted on showing me before she would come inside. She used to spend nice days outside while I was at work but one day a neighbor informed me that during the day, she jumped the fence and explored. I thought he was joking because she was always in the backyard when I got home. She is an excellent tracker and can find her ball in the middle of a field, even if it is thrown. She almost makes figure-8, zig/zag patterns across a field to cover ground, yet not miss the ball/object she is looking for. Many people have asked me if I was interested in getting her into search and rescue. I wish I had time becasue she has a natural instinct for it. Cotton is my favorite subject. I could write/talk about her forever. I find her totally fascinating and absolutely wonderful.


I love- everything!!!!
Barked: Sun May 20, '07 6:47am PST 
I think Carolina Dogs have some ability to make their owners want to talk about them nonstop... we adore ours and tell stories about him constantly!
We lucked into getting JD... we had a sheltie already and I really wanted a second dog. My husband liked Shepherds, I liked Goldens, and I found a mix of the two out on petfinder.com. He was 4 months old, very shy, and just stared at Tory (our submissive sheltie... other puppies we'd looked at had bared teeth and growled, so staring was a good sign!) JD came home with us that day and nothing's ever been the same since big grin

It's funny to read the traits the other dogs have, and think "he's exactly like that!" He's certainly got these traits...
- smells like a baby, even when wet (none of the "dog" smell, just very good "JD" smell)
- very soft fur, even though it's so short
- very clean (well, HE is... he brings in a lot of sticks to eat inside)
- incredibly sure-footed and sturdy - he whacks his head on any number of things and keeps going - he has an incredibly high pain tolerance compared to Tory, who screams and jumps if you get 2" near his tail
- quiet - except that Tory taught him how to bark. But he's much more intune to what he's barking at! laugh out loud
- excellent hiker - he knows where he's going, what he's smelling, where to go (when we haven't been on the trail before!)
- LOYAL - he knows we're his family. He's skittish of new people, seems to like women more than men, and very timid of children, but he's never growled, bared his teeth, or anything... he just runs as far away as he can get
- uses his paws like hands. His first month home he tried to open the door with his paws first, then his mouth. We must have said something, because he hasn't tried that again (surprising, because he's grown and could easily get the door open now), but he's learned that he can wave at us with his paws. He also knocks on the doors with his "fingers", and tries to pet us... sometimes this doesn't work so well because of his toenails.
- SMART... we have a brainiac son. You can tell he watches, looks, learns, and *thinks*! We're also pretty sure sometimes the noises he makes are attempts at words (like Mooommmmm, and Please).

Yep, I could go on and on...!
hail to Carolina Dogs!!

Life is good!
Barked: Mon May 21, '07 12:10pm PST 
I am hearing more and more about inexpensive DNA testing. We *think* our Sukie is a Caroliona dog - she came to us as a stray. I don't really get how the testing can pinpoint her origins but if it can be done inexpensively, I'd love to know. As good as this dog is, we'd have 12 more just like her!!
Dixie- Crystal

Barked: Sat May 26, '07 6:25pm PST 
I have a Carolina Dog too. She is different than other dogs. SHe hates water, kicks and covers when she does her 'BUSINESS'. She kind of growls/barks like a wild critter. She is very protective and always takes charge when around other dogs. She has strange "thumb" claws on both the front and back.

Rusty the Red- Rules!!
Barked: Tue May 29, '07 8:52am PST 
We LOVE our Carolina dog!! His name is Rusty and he is the most intelligent, fun loving, gentle natured dog I have ever met. I have completely fallen in love with this breed and we are considering getting Rusty a Carolina Dog sister!! There is a a special uniqueness with these dogs and the bonds they form with their family. Rusty is literally a part of our family. He goes where we go. He is a wonderful guard dog. These dogs make excellent family dogs because of their high pack mentality. The only problems we have ever had with Rusty is his intense need to shred things (He has actually shredded the entire plastic tray of his crate not to mention any stuffed animal he can get his paws on) and his extreme excitedness when he sees other dogs. He just starts barking and whining at them at them as if to say "let's play!!" With obedience training though these problems are becoming less and less of an issue. Rusty can perform about 15 different tricks and we are running out of things to teach him!!

Sasha is "on- patrol"
Barked: Thu May 31, '07 6:24pm PST 
Actually, we are more closely related to the Dingo than the wolf. We are very clean dogs, with a preference for outside, but I do like to "den" under the edge of the bed. Sometimes I hang out under the trailer, depending on the time of day. On full moon nights, like tonight, I don't usually want to come back inside.

I have a blue-black tongue and almond eyes, and was always housebroken from the moment I was first brought in the house, although it took me a month to trust my parents enough to go "inside."

I love hanging with (and giving kisses to) "my pack" but very wary of strangers. I will try to scare you away from our fence if I don't know you. (Don't tell anybody, but I won't bite.)

From Sasha's Mama:

Sasha is a fascinating dog and we love her like crazy. She will NOT allow herself to be picked up off the ground, but she will cuddle on the couch or bed without hesitation.

She will walk beside me all around the yard, but if I put a leash on her, she crumbles to the ground immediately and will not budge. She is also afraid of the car -- any vehicle. We have to put her in a kennel to get her to her annual vet visits and it is quite an ordeal for her, believe me! She is extremely quiet, almost never barks unless she is alarmed. She mostly whines to communicate.

I am the Queen
Barked: Thu Jul 5, '07 9:56am PST 
Bayou came as a rescue from Hurrican Katrina. We believe she was about 1 year old from her teeth and puppy like attitude. She was pregnant when she was rescued. We do not know what they did with the puppies but she had a mate that came up.

We were originally told she was a German Shepherd mix (her snout resembles the long snout of a German Shepherd). Beings she was pregnant and had a mate who looked just like her I figured she is a pure bred of some type.

After searching the internet with her description everything pointed to that she is a Carolina Wild Dog.

* Carolina's can give birth upto 2-3x per year. I believe she had a least 2 litters from the size iof her teets.
* She "snouted" the ground and floors the first few months we had her.
* She "packs" with our other 2 dogs
* Very good hunter. She has captured a rabbit and a bird. But when told to put it down she does.
* Very trusting. Even though she was scared of me (male) when we first got her. I believe she was abused.
* Loveable. She gives us nose kisses. She first smells us then gives a kiss.
* Her fur doesn't smell when wet. and barely needs brushing.
* She also runs into things head first and doesn't even bother her.
* the only thing she has as a defect is that her ears do not stand straight up. They flop over.

They are very closely related to the Dingo and Pariah Dog (spelling)

Mom and Dad's- Princess
Barked: Mon Jul 30, '07 1:07am PST 
Ditto Sukie! We've also heard about the DNA testing and would love to have it done if it was affordable. We got her from a shelter and aren't totally sure what she is. As you said, we'd love to have a lot more like her someday because she is such a wonderful dog!
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