I think I'm the only one...

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Nicci - Ch.- Trueheart's- Reflec

Barked: Mon Jul 13, '09 8:45pm PST 
Nicci, Sparky and Dusty are here!!

Barked: Wed Oct 21, '09 6:46pm PST 
Tyson's here too!!! His mom was a purebred cane corso, dad is unknown (random dog jumped the fence, did the business, and left mom with a few pups red face ). Tyson got most (if not all) of the Cane Corso traits.

I'm in love with this breed. They are absolutely wonderful. Too bad their life span is so short compared with other breeds. It is so unfair.

Barked: Tue Dec 29, '09 2:48am PST 
You can count Chopper in too! He definitely likes being in the middle or leading the way in everything! smile

Friends of ours lucked into a male and female Cane Corso and when they had puppies almost immediately after they got the female they couldn't afford to have any more pets but wanted the best of the bunch to go to someone they knew would love him and also someone they could visit and see their baby..

I'd never had a dog before - always thought they'd be too much work or too frustrating. I was *obviously* crazy b/c I have never loved someone as much as I love Choppy! I'm so glad my fiance wanted a puppy b/c I never would've gotten him on my own! He's only 8 mos old now but looks like an average-sized dog. I love every minute I get to spend with him and all our friends love him too. Almost down to a person, they've all said he's their favorite dog and always talk about how awesome he is and how much bigger he's gotten since they last saw him. One of our friends even bought him a Christmas present!


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