Canadian Inuit Dog- Kings of the Frozen North

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Kaya Wilson

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Barked: Mon Jan 25, '10 7:39am PST 
The thick, muscular Inuit dogs are exuberant and friendly, but they have an aggressive side as well. They like to fight. The pack is organized much like that of wolves, with an alpha male, or boss dog, and an alpha female. After that, the dogs take their places in the chain of command.

“And to get their place, they have to fight,” Montcombroux says.

The dogs attack each other’s thick manes, biting the neck and trying to overturn their opponent. The boss dog is normally a combination of the oldest, strongest, and most cunning, and wins the position by defeating the other dogs.

Their combative nature makes the breed unsuitable as house pets, and the fact that they’d rather be outdoors even when it’s -32 F, which is beach weather to these hardy dogs.

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