Check out my Cairn's web site, blog, pictures, and web cam

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Playa Hermosa de- la Luna de- Lexington
Barked: Tue May 12, '09 5:31pm PST 
I created a web site for sharing my little monster with the world, so I figure you Cairn Terrier fans should get to see it first. She's a little 3-year-old wheaton-colored Cairn named Playa [pronounced ply-uh, and means beach in Spanish]. I've only got one web cam so far, so you'll only see her if she's in her bed. I plan to get more cams though, so people can see her in different spots around the house. I know - crazy! I also am starting a little daily e-newsletter. Sign up on the site and get a quick blurb and a cute pic of the pup emailed to you every day. Again - crazy I know, but trust me, she's cute and you're gonna want to get the updates! Don't worry - I won't spam you or give away your address or whatever - totally legit. Just a fun way to share my little dog with everybody.

OK, try not to laugh - the web site I made is called http://www.PetStalker.com

hope you visit!

Patrick (and Playa)