When to switch to adult food?

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Hi! I have a 7 month old bullmastiff, he is probably around 100lbs. He is currently on Blue Buffalo chicken and brown rice formula for large breed puppies. The breeder says we should switch him to adult food now, but the vet says to keep him on the puppy until about 1 year old. We did start to gradually change him to adult but he started vomiting every once in a while. Any advice would be appreciated!
Also, he seems to have a sensitive stomach. Any recommendations on a brand of food that is for large breed but also for sensitive stomachs?
Thank you smile

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I am surprised the breeder you bought from didnt tell you to put your puppy on large breed adult food from the start. My puppy is almost 5 months old and I made the mistake of buying a bag of puppy food. I have been told by numerous breeders/owners and even my vet checked with me this week to make sure that I was feeding my puppy large breed adult food. I started her out on Blue No-Grain dog food but she didnt respond to it well so now she is on Natural Balance No-Grain. You do need to make a slow transition when switching the food...such as 3/4 of old and 1/4 of new for a couple of days then 1/2 and 1/2, etc..

Let me know how it works out.