Bull mastiff has dark patches on both sides.....

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hi there, im new to this so hope im going about this the right way! i have a female bull mastiff nearly 5 years old.over the last month or so ive noticed a small dark patch on her side, same place both sides, she was shedding quite a lot of hair so i put it down to this. over the last week these patches have grown massively, they are now both the size of a dinner plate. doesnt look like she has hair loss, just dark/black patches under her fur. these patches dont seem to bother her, no itching or lumps i can feel. ive got an appointment with the vet tomorrow and was just hoping for any ideas as to what might be causing it before we see the vet. thanks for reading this, Debby

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Hi, I know this thread is a little old but our 4 year old girl is having this same thing on one side. Did you ever figure out what the problem was?