No one will play with my Gental Giant :(

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Barked: Wed Jan 11, '12 4:44pm PST 
Angus is a year old he is loving and playful but from a pup he has not had a single k-9 buddy to play with. Everyone of our relatives has dogs from small to large.

My mother in law has a rescue dog who is scared of his shaddow. My mom has an overly agressive blue heeler mix who tries to chew Angus's face off. My brother in law's large deer like hunting dog runs away from Angus and then just barks at him from his safe seat on the couch.

I feel bad for Angus from a pup they have all been this way with him all he wants to do is play he does not bark at them he does not advance on them infact he usually gets in the play bow and waits for them to respond.

I want more then anything to socialize him with other dogs but we don't have a dog park or anything any advice on what I can do aside from getting another dog?

All he wants is a friend frown
Athena Grace

Giant Love-Bug
Barked: Mon Feb 6, '12 1:53pm PST 
I would try signing him up for puppy training through your local Petco or Petsmart. What I have found is that the group of pups usually ends up becoming a pack. Its never a bad idea to get your pup into training classes anyways, but in your situation, it may be beneficial so that he can become socialized.
My bullmastiff goes with me all kinds of places. She had a hard time making friends at our local dog park simply because of her size (it tends to make other breeds nervous), however, the more we take her there, the more she gets to know the regular dogs that attend also.
Hope this helps. smile