Skinny Adult Mastiff any positive help please?

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Hello everyone, my husband and I have a 5 year old Tosa inu mastiff mix he is almost hip height (I am 54') but hes only about 110 lbs He came from a bad situation but that was a while ago we can not get him to fill out! He is very skinny you can feel his ribs, his chest is muscullar but still not as thick as it should be! He was put on vet food, that did nothing for him,So we put him back on his origional food!He gets fed 7 cups of food everyday and he WILL not gain weight! He has been tested for parasites and everything under the sun and our vet says nothing she found can attribute to him being underweight, I dont know what to do with him as people look at me like I dont feed him yet we go through 50lbs of dog food a week for my boys! I do not have this problem with my other dog he is perfect!

I have started mixing his food with puppy food for the added fat intake but if anyone has any ideas please feel free to help out thanks

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This is simply what I would do I have nothing more to back this up other then what I see the food do myself. I feed my Bully Ukanuba large breed dogfood. The Vet recommended taking him off the Ukanuba large breed puppy food at 6 months old to prevent excessive weight gain as he would not need all that fat protien for a full year.

I made a mistak with him they do not sale his dog food in my area I have to drive an hour to get his food so I had my husband pick up the best food he could find at walmart 2 days after him having to eat this other brand he became sick so sick he could not keep anything down he was refusing to eat even his favoret treats not even human food interested him.

I called the vet told him exactly what I just told you and of course got told NEVER EVER EVER buy dog food from walmart no matter the brand take him off all solids give him pleanty of water and peptobismal (not an easy task to get a dog to take this stuff lol) after 3 days put him back on the Ukanuba large breed puppy food. This did the trick he started putting the weight back on it took a little bit almost like he stopped growing for a little bit.

I have also been told that if you mix a high quality puppy food with a high in fat canned catfood that it will help them gain I don't know how much truth there is to that one but anything is worth a shot I would think.

Good luck
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My only suggestion would be to feed him more food. I'm not sure how much of the 7 cups he eats already, but I have a 10.5 month old female bullmastiff and she is almost up to 100lbs. She eats 9 cups of food a day and would eat more if I allowed it. I split it up half in the morning and half in the evening and she is a healthy weight.
Not that it will help you with a 5yr old, but I feed my girl Blue Buffalo Large Breed Puppy food because it is low in protein (which I was told by the breeder would prevent her from growing faster than she should when she is a puppy; which could in turn cause bone issues later on) I would try to contact a bull mastiff breeder who can maybe steer you in the direction of a good brand of food to feed him. You can do alot of research on breeder's websites to learn about the type of diets they put their champions on which may be beneficial as well. I'm not sure of the exact measurements, but a lot of breeders feed their dogs half raw meat with dry food.

Hope this helps.