bullmastiff puppy

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Barked: Mon Nov 1, '10 5:12pm PST 
we are getting our puppy in 4 weeks. I have read alot about BM , and I hope that what I have read is all true.I have a 3 year old daughter that loves dogs, and I hope that he likes her. does anyone have small kids with these dogs ? an how are they..?


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It's all in management, not the dog. Bullmastiffs as pups can be very rambuncious (they're pups for 3yrs). And an exuberant 100lb bully pup can be a challenge with the littles. Accidental toddler flying is not at all uncommon. You'll have to teach both to respect each other. Naturally you'll have better luck with this with the pup. Hard for the littles to *get it*. No matter though as long as you're always there to supervise and teach your pup what is appropriate.

You can have your daughter help with training *simple* commands, sit/down/stay. Other important commands are,

-Leave it, when they're going for something you don't want them to have.

-Drop it, when they already have something you don't want them to have.

- Place, when you want them to go lay down on their own bed. Great for calming them down and getting them out of your hair.

-Crate up, when you want them to go in their crate.

-Off, when you want them off the couch or off of you (when jumping up).

-Come, goes without saying. Your pup needs good recall.

Also hand targeting is a great way to help your daughter and Bosco bond. Plus he'll come to his side whenever she needs him. Here's an easy vid to learn how to do it. The girl in the vid taught a 3yr old little girl this command. I saw the episode and the child mastered it!


The Bullmastiff is incredibly stubborn. You need to have words for everything if you want your life to be easier while living with one.

It's paramount you get them to walk on lead beside you. Your pup will be afraid of EVERYTHINGGGG *innitially* on walks and will plop their arse down and not budge. They just shut down when they're afraid. Could be a trash can, a leaf or crack on the sidewalk, plane flying over head, etc. They notice everything, hence why they make supreme guard dogs. A gentle, short tug on the lead, then release is what's needed. He'll probably not move. Repeat the process until you get one step. Then another until he's moving along again. You can't walk him far in the first 4-6 moths anyway. Think end of the driveway, then later a few houses up, then to the end of the block, etc. You have to protect his soft growing joints or you'll have big expensive trouble in the not too distant future.

We put both of ours through obedience. It was cheap and they teach you how to train your dog when they're no longer around. It's also a great bonding experience!

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thank you very much Kahuna..