Small bull mastiff

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bella marie the- moose
Barked: Sun Jan 24, '10 8:19pm PST 
We have an 11 month old female bull mastiff. she is only 80 lbs. She is more of a nibbler. We can put food down and she eats less than 4 cups of food a day. We're worried she's too skinny. She's not bulking up like all of the pictures we see. We cannot see ribs so it's not like she's unhealthy, We're just worried she is under weight. Is there anything we can do to help her bulk up?

Barked: Thu Jan 28, '10 2:19pm PST 
Hi Bella!

Is she your first bullmastiff? Any bullmastiff owner will tell you that this breed grows at extremely different rates. Some grow tall, then fill out, and vice versa. At 11 months, Bella still has a lot of growing to do. Usually, the bulk you see in the breed comes later, say between 1-2 years old. Some owners will even tell you thier bully didn't stop filling out until 3 years old. It really just varies from dog to dog.

Can you post some more photos of Bella? It's hard to tell what she looks like in her photo.

Also, go to the group Bodacious Bullmastiffs. It's the BEST bullmastiff group on Dogster hands down. You'll have to request an invite, and then one of the administrators will approve it.

Grizzy Grace. <3
Barked: Thu Jan 28, '10 9:23pm PST 
Bodacious admin, here! wave

I'll send you a request! It'll show up in your regular e-mail -- the one you use to login to Dogster!

Grace has always been a small girl. We thought she topped out at 85lbs. -- but she has filled out to about 95lbs. now. At first I was dissapointed to have a little 'un ("...is that a boxer with a tail?...") -- but now am extremely grateful for her tiny-ness. She is so much more portable (and easier to manuver around) than our big male! laugh out loud


Lexie-Mama's- girl but a- family favourite
Barked: Mon Mar 1, '10 9:34pm PST 
My Lexie is 10 months and she is about 85lbs. I think it is very normal for a bully at their age, my vet said she was perfect at this point. Also they won't start filling out till the're a year old so your little lady still has some growing to do, hang in there. Also look at it as a blessing because if the're growing a little slower it gives there hips time to develop properly which makes it less likely they will get hip dysplasia.