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Barked: Fri May 29, '09 11:31am PST 
Hello all!!! We have a 6 almost 7 month old female bullmastiff. She is spoiled rotten I must say! But we are having problems potty training her. When we first got her she wasn't trained in ANY kind of way. We crate trained which was actually pretty easy and got her collar and leash trained. Now if we could just get her fully potty trained I would feel we have done a good job. At first she was going in her crate during the day. We did the divider thing and she continued going. Now we rarely had problems with her going at night. Now that the weather is warm she is outside during the day in her pen, she goes potty ...big deal she is outside, but just the other day she had just came in from playing outside walked right over to infront of the TV and pooped!!!! I have no idea why she had done this and why she just didnt go while she was outside. Please help me with any training tips you may have for me, this is just our biggest issue right now! Thank you all so much in advance.
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Barked: Sun Jun 28, '09 10:29pm PST 
We too are going through the potty training stage. We had Mishka 1 month, she is almost 5 months now. I am a stay at home mom of 2 children and home alot. I take her out frequently. I stay out there with her and talk to her, reminding, "Go pee" "Go poopies". I don't know if this is good, but when she goes pee outside, LOTS of pets and love. Poop gets a reward treat, immediately afterwards. Then we come in. She is starting to go out on her lead by herself, but at first, she wouldn't leave the step, unless I was out there. She is VERY clingy! My problem is if I leave the house, after she has gone pee and poop outside, no matter how long I am gone, she will go in the house. We tried the crate. She pooped in the crate, and was a mess! We now have gated her to the one room, if we need to leave, but still have issues. I just keep telling myself she is a pup, and it is like potty training a child....lots of patience needed!!!

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Barked: Wed Jul 1, '09 9:32am PST 
Crate training is really the best idea for your pup when you are not home. I understand that there is mess involved ,but it does help with the potty training process. Dogs do not like to go potty in the same area that they sleep in. How big of a crate do you have her in? If it's a huge crate and she has lots of room then I would try to reduce the size. Bullmastiff is one of the MOST diffcult breeds to potty train. You truly just have to stick with it and make sure you and every member of your family is consistent. Rewarding each time she goes potty is a great idea. Positive reinforcement is the way to go. It took my guys up to 7 months to potty train!! Once they get it they got it so just keep looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. I am in the Bodacious group so you can post there all of us will help you and tell you our own stories of potty training...


Barked: Thu Jul 16, '09 2:47pm PST 
Our experience has been pretty positive. Chewy took to pottying outside in one area of the yard. We use the word 'potty' and he squats and does his thing. The trick for us was just taking him out ALL the time. After he woke up, after he ate, after play time and so on. I credit my husband with most of the hard work.

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Barked: Fri Jul 17, '09 2:46pm PST 
Well, we are still at it, and I am thinking this either may be a spite thing, or possibly seperation anxiety??? No confirmation on SE from vet, YET! The other day, I took Mish out, she went # 1 & 2. Praise praise praise. Came in, got the kids together, had to run to the store. As I was driving down the road, my husband was driving up the road. Mish wasn't home alone more than 5 mins. She had peed and pooped in the house! Another time, I took the kids early morning to the store, my husband was still sleeping. Took her out, she did her things, left. She WATCHED me go down the driveway. Once out of sight, about 5 mins down the road, my husband calls me. He said she was HOWLING, and peed on the floor!!! Once she knew HE was home, she was OK.
All day she is great! She goes outside, NO problem! I am home with the kids most of the day, every day, except for the trips to the store. The crate we have is the crate she flew to us in. It is the size OK for her, not to big. But she will NOT go in it at all. I have tried to coax her in it with treats, NO dice. Could it bring back a bad memory of the flight? I myself was a mess with flying, and I wasn't in a crate... alone, who knows where on the plane, or am I just making excuses??? Like I said, we tried the crate once, and it was BAD....I mean BAD....
She pretty much goes everywhere with us, we can take her...is that not good either???
ANY input in appreciated smile