Hello to all bullmastiff owners

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Evo - I love socks
Barked: Sat Apr 11, '09 10:34am PST 
Hi to everyone, I have only just discovered this site and have found it very good and helpfull. I have a bullmastiff dog who is 17 months old who lives in our family which comprises of myself, my partner and my 3 children. I would just like to say a big hello as well as introducing myself and my family

Barked: Fri May 29, '09 11:34am PST 
Hi EVO i am new as well! And Sadie loves socks and trying to lick peoples feet!!! LOL

Only my cover is- scary. Read my- book.
Barked: Thu Jun 11, '09 1:00pm PST 
Welcome Evo! blue dog