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My 3month old Bullmastiff pup will not walk on a leash...he sits and I end up dragging him in hopes he will finally walk...no such luck. A trainer said he would eventually give up and walk...but no such luck.
Should I try a choke collar???? He is getting too heavy to dragg along
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Your pup will catch on. my agador did nothing but sit when he was in training class. the teacher used to refer to him as the sitter. Just get him used to having te leash on and then associate it with walking. At 3mos, he probably doesn't need to do that much walking. Ours didnt really get going til 5-6mos maybe?

Dont despair - all he wants to do is probably sleep hehehe big grin

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I had the same problem with my puppy.. what i have done was associate the leash with treats.. take a treat.. something he would really like. like a hot-dog or something.. don't give the whole thing to him but give him a little bit to let him taste it.. make sure you let him see it and walk with him.. as he walks for a while just brake it off and give it a little at a time.. what this does is keep his attention on you and his walk.. remember to make sure he walks on the side of you, or behind you, never in front of you..
fyi if he tries to jump up for it.. correct him.


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Our 3 mo. old bullmastiff does the exact same thing! We've practiced on the leash with short walks (just a couple of blocks) and I hold treats in my left hand to lure her along. The first few times I'd have to reward with food after just a few steps, but she's gotten a lot better now and even seems to understand the concept of "heel"... some of the time!!wink Let us know if you come up with any tips as your pup grows!
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Tucker did the same thing at three months. He was pretty fearful of going outside in general and did not want to walk. I tried to encourage him as much as I could and I found that all the attention just reinforced his stubborness. So I decided to just completely ignore him and start walking. Much to my surprise, it worked. When I gently pulled him along without looking at him or facing him at all, he would start to follow behind on his own.

Now he loves to go on walks and he really does well with his Easy Walk harness (A Gentle Leader product). Keep trying, it will get easier!

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I was wondering if there are any set rules for distances of walking pups and adults? I've heard that its not good to walk heavy dogs like bull mastiffs on hard ground, ie tarmac or footpaths, for long periods of time. is this right? i have a rather large garden which is about 40-50 metres long covered in grass, so beau will have plenty of room to play, but I walk quite a lot myself and was hoping beau could come with me, any ideas? thanks in advance.blue dog

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N sure this is the same as what someone called a walking harness. What I use is a walking lead Angus went thru this stubborn I don't want to walk at 3 months and again at 6 months personaly I think it happens when they need the most sleep to grow. He never argues with the walking lead it slips over his nose under the chin then around his neck the leash hooks to it just under his chin so you direct where his head goes and he of course follows his head. Just so you know he can still drink and take treats with it on it is not a muzzel.