English vs. French Bulldog

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Barked: Thu Nov 18, '10 9:43am PST 
My husband and I started talking about what dog we wanted to get next (won't happen for another 5 years or so), and brought up an English Bulldog, but I've always wanted a French Bulldog. He wants an English b/c he says they don't bark and they're calm. I want a Frenchie because they're cute as a button and my aunt had one that I was in love with growing up.

Does anyone know a lot about both English and French Bulldogs? I'd love to see a comparision list between the two breeds covering things like common health problems, temperments, and any other oddities either breed has (like English bulldogs drooling/slobbering and Frenchies passing gas). Thanks in advance!
Audrey- Hepbull

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Barked: Fri Nov 26, '10 9:55am PST 
I don't know much about Frenchies besides the fact that they have big adorable ears. But I love this site for bulldog information.
Baxter Michael

Barked: Sat Dec 18, '10 9:20pm PST 
FYI - My bully barks and is not calm lol. Dont make assumptions about a dog because of a list. It's the same as stereotyping people. If it were me I'ld look for good breeders of each type and visit with them.


Barked: Thu Mar 3, '11 5:09am PST 
I have 2 English Bull Dogs, Yes they bark and Yes they are both hard to train but they are fun, loving dogs that I would highly reccommend anyone go get. blue dog