Getting mad in cage

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Barked: Mon Oct 6, '08 7:11pm PST 
My dog Sunny gets really mad when we have to leave him in the cage and will go to the bathroom in it and so this makes it hard for us to train him. Any ideas? We used to raise beagles and didn't have this hard of a time crate training them.

Barked: Thu Feb 12, '09 12:18pm PST 
My Brittany, Remy did this too. But it seems as though he grew out of this for the most part. It was a quick process. But I can't leave him inside when I leave because he will poo everywhere! So I have to leave him outside. I don't know why - but I guess Brittany Spaniels do not like being alone! But with the cage deal - I only had him in there at night, and as he got older he stopped going to the bathroom in there. It's just the development of their bladders. But I hope this helped a little?