keeping Sully occupied

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Barked: Sun Jun 17, '07 9:01am PST 
Sully gets plenty of exercise and is a perfect dog when we are home. However, during the day while we are at work sully goes nuts. Every evening sully gets a long walk or run, he plays with the birds in the back yard every morning for about an hour and goes with us away from the house at least twice a week. I don’t know what more we can do to keep his mind occupied and his energy spent. His behavior has really settled in to a nice place while we are home. It’s while he is home alone (about 8 hours a day 5 days a week) that he cannot control himself. We leave toys for him and he has a cat to play with. We even put a bird feeder outside the back window to keep his mind focused on something. He sits at the window and stares at the birds almost all day when we are home. With the exception of a couple of days, sully finds something to destroy in the house or digs in the dog run on the side yard and drags in dirt/rock through the dog door. I am thinking of getting another Brittney for him to play with but I am concerned that this may only double my problems.

Barked: Tue Jul 10, '07 8:35am PST 
Another Brittany may cause a problem if it's just as active! Try to pick out a calmer one to help keep Sully calm but also occupied. Sawyer has to stay in a large crate while I am at work because he bounces off the walls. I have had Brittany's my whole life - he'll calm down eventually smile Good luck!

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Another Britt of the opposite sex. Hopefully a female should calm him down..bitts love to show off to their buddies and masters... Mine brings me back live posseums,muskrats, chipmunks w/ tails hanging out of their mouths,even live fish unhurt ( they blow bubbles out their nose to equalize the water pressure) and once acknowledge what a good dog they are then let them go unharmed..even doves that want to fly off when they release them...its the thrill of the chase and a showoff personality..and an need to please you...