Breeds breeds breeds! Want lots & lots of guesses for my mutt's breeds please! :)

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Speed Demon
Barked: Thu Apr 12, '12 9:13am PST 
Okay, I have asked peoples' opinions on Shasta's breed twice.... got same results both times. I would like to also give feedback on answers people give me, and of course questions don't allow that [and also I think I would like to have no 'max-limit' on characters I can use, hah]

Shasta's appearance: He is 2ft tall [at the head] and weighs a scrawny 45lbs [healthy weight of course]. He has black and tan coloring that many people see and right away say "Love your GSD!" BUT many many MANY other breeds have that coloring. I'm convinced it comes from some sort-of hound that's in him. He has a thick-but-fairly short coat, it has the 3-tear water-repelling quality. His tail is usually lightly curled over his back, and very fluffy compared to the rest of him. His ears are always floppy, but he can get them about 1/3-1/2way standing up, his favorite way to hold them is folded over his neck. He has very long legs [that's the only way he manages to be 45lbs & 3" taller than our 65lb Lab] and huge paws.

How we got him: I had a friend who's dog had puppies [the mother was a short, fat, sausage-looking dog. I believe she had border collie in her... she was a beige-tan with some black streaks], and those puppies grew up. [One looked like a shaggy rottweiler, other looked like a cross between a Border collie and a St Bernard] The rottie-dog had pups of her own. A black long-haired, gray-and-tan short-haired, tri-colored longhaired, and 2 black-and tan ones. I decided to take the little black-and-tan one since he was just giving me an instant connection.

Shasta's Personality: Shasta is definitely the smartest/fastest learner of our pack [he learned "Circle" in only 5 minutes], he is an amazing runner if you let him go full-blast. He's got ultra-webbed feet but HATES even wading in water. He is the sweetest dog you will meet, and very very very calm when I tell him to be [when he was a pup, he did not bite/chew up/mouth ANYTHING even ONE TIME! (Excluding of course one chewbone)]. However, he has a high disliking for new dogs, his hackles raise nearly 5in and he bares his teeth, intensely glaring at the dog, tail straight out, feet all wide-spread and he stiffens everything in his body.

I'm 100% sure that there is some sort of hound in him. He has a bark that I have only heard in scent-hounds.

I am also sure that GSD is not one of the primary breeds... so please no more guessing "Oh ur dog is a GSD with other stuff...." Yes, I know, everybody tells me about that breed... but that is ONE breed out of his who-knows-how-many!

Also, I am not at all worried what breeds he has... he will be my mutt, and I honestly don't care what all is in him : ) [I am not doing a DNA test, sorry. I have heard of some pretty lousy results, plus I'm only 15 and don't have money to spend on something like that for now]

Oh yeah! And my guess [I have accumulated this one over Shasta's 4 years of studying dog breed characteristics and studying him, so I'm pretty sure I have the majority] for Shasta's breeds:

Labrador (Webbed feet, very very water-repellent coat even 2 days after a bath)

Husky/spitz breed: He has an overabounding love for running and running off. He's also got that curled fluffed tail that would come from a husky-mix

Scent-Hound: Really not sure which one, maybe even a few. He loves to 'follow his nose' he has a big hound-like bail/howl, and has the classic hound-color.

Border Collie: He is an extreme genius! He is also very very obedient to me.

Any more guesses [very sorry for rambling on & on...]? Other than "Oh you have a GSD mix!" please? THANK YOU!!!!!

[want more photos of him? check out his photobucket page: http://s1121.photobucket.com/albums/l510/Nuts4Mutts/Shasta/ ]