what is my lab mixed with?

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Barked: Tue Nov 29, '11 8:02pm PST 
We adopted Brady a few weeks ago and are trying to figure out what he is mixed with. He has interesting/varying coloring and a lot of excess skin around his upper back/neck area. He has kind of a square head with a wrinkled forehead. He is fullgrown at 50lbs. He has a white tummy and pretty big paws. He is very submissive and rarely barks. He loves to cuddle and after getting to know someone well, he follows them like a shadow.

His paperwork only says "Lab mix"

Here is an album full of more pictures:
http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2134436640083.21 03951.1221060089&type=1&l=095e1efdca

Please let me know what you think!!

Speed Demon
Barked: Thu Apr 12, '12 10:31am PST 
I am seeing quite a variety of possible breeds [he is a very very beautiful guy by the way!]

Every picture of him I see a different possibility though, haha. I see perhaps either Rhodesian Ridgeback, Chinese Shar-Pei [a very very VERY tiny amount of that... I see it in his small, neat tidy ears, and his wrinkles...], and perhaps Pit bull or Am Staffordshire.

Best Regards!