Calling Boykin owners! Would a Boykin Spaniel be a good choice for me?

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Does anyone here know anything about Boykins? From what I’ve read about them, they sound wonderful and may be a good candidate for the next breed of dog I get.

I posted this topic on this board due to the fact, that it seems that Boykins as a breed don’t have a board.

I do have some questions though, just regarding grooming, and exercise and all.


1. How much exercise do Boykins need?

2. Would a Boykin be happy with a 2.5-3 mile walk a day, one-two 30 min-1 hour play sessions outside, a stop at either a dog park or a lake lasting 30 min.-1 hour? Also, with daily obedience, agility and possibly flyball? three times per week? ( This schedule would be every day)

3. What are their grooming requirements? Do they differ between coat types?

4. Would a Boykin make a good agility dog?

5. How high is their prey drive? I have two cats and two ferrets (who are never left unsupervised around my current dogs)

And a note on exercise- I do live in a city, not smack dab in the middle but not out skirts either. I do have a very large yard though, a larger yard than many of my country dwelling friends have. It also sports a large dog house, so if need be (though I don’t usually agree with it) the dog could spend more time in the yard than my current dogs do (both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels)

I have looked at the websites, but still haven’t found any info pertaining to their exercise requirements.

Also, please, do not post the link to the breed info here on dog time. Due to the fact that Boykins are relativly rare, dogtime doesn’t ahve much info on them.

Just answer as many as you can ^.^


--Pippa and Peter
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Boykins!!! Oh my, what can I say about them? I love my Boykins more than I ever thought it possible to love a dog!! Charlie is 2 years old and Jack is less than a year.

Long walks, YES!! Make sure you use discipline (watch a lot of the Dog Whisperer)

Agility and Obedience - Charlie LOVES agility. He's smart, fast, agile and always happy and eager!! He is also great with kids and people. He is the most loving and happy dog I've ever seen.

I bought a Furminator for my dogs. They have undercoats and the shedding is moderate so I pretty much brush them everyday.

They love, love, love to swim and retrieve and have webbed paws for this.

They are very easy to potty train and adjust to pretty much any situation. They are the softest and most beautiful fur plus big, gentle golden eyes.

What else? I can't remember the rest of your questions?????

Cons: They are prone to hip Dysplasia so make sure they have had their hips checked and have reports. They also can get ear infections because of their big, floppy ears.

I can hug my dog all day long, touch his tail, feet, whatever and he's always gentle and sweet. Plus, he smiles all day long.

One more thing, they are extremely strong. This is why you need obedience training because their necks are very strong (they needed to retrieve turkeys for hunters) plus you have to watch what you buy them to play with because they can flat tear a Kong apart into little pieces in less than a minute.

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We have two Boykins, one 3 years old and one that just turned 1. I was never much of a dog lover until we got our first Boykin, now these two are my life, my kids, and my love. I would reccomend this bred to anyone who is looking for a devoted, loving and fun member to their family. As long as you are able to take then out for walks and some play time, I think they would adjust just fine to city living. Ours have no issues with other animals, including cats and if they are introduced at an early age to any other animal, I'm sure there would not be a problem. Ours only seem interested in birds and I'm not talking all birds, they seem to know the difference between game birds and birds that come in our yard. We have never had a problem with them chasing anything that we were not out hunting. As far as coat care, they can shed, and we try to brush ours several times a week. During the late spring we shave them down to eliminate the shedding, and we bathe them at least once a month or more if they decide to try swimming in mud holes, lol. They do love water. They are fantastic with children, also. Ours are 40 pounds, but think they are lap dogs, as they love to sit in your lap and cuddle and lay their heads on your shoulder. They are extremely easy to house break. They can be sensitive, so I don't think they would be good for anyone that tends to use a stern hand to dogs, a stern voice is all that is needed. They love to please and will go out of their way to make you happy. Just spend a lot of time with them and give them lots of love and you will have the perfect loving companion ever.

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Hi Peter, Sorry I missed your original questions. cry I hope that if you did choose a dog that it was a Boykin. There is the Boykin Society in Camden, SC and also there is BSR (Boykin Spaniel Rescue. I recently was trying to adopt another Boykin through BSR but another family got her. I have a 2 1/2 year old and really needed a companion just to keep up with him because he was driving my 10 year old GSD with bad hips crazy. I did go to Pet Finder's and found a 3 year old little girl in North GA. I drove 18 hrs round trip to get her. She had been surrendered by a breeder to be put down because she had a prolapsed vagina and he didn't want to pay to have the surgery. She would no longer be a "money maker" for him. Thank goodness the Vet decided to do the surgery, spay her and give her to a small group that rescues animals. I would not trade her for anything in the world. She is the sweetest little Princess and had a lot of issues, cowering, and just not being used to being in the house, climbing stairs, riding in a car, etc. But, if you got a Boykin, good for you. They will keep you on your toes. They need a lot to entertain them and my male, well put it this way, it doesn't matter how cold it is we cannot seem to keep him out of the pool! Once you go Boykin, I doubt if you will ever want another breed. I don't know if you know the history but they were beginning to be bred around 1905 using a stray named Dumpy and a female named Luko (sp?) They used Springer, Cocker, American Water and Chesapeake Bay Retriever's to get the Boykin. There is more to the story but anyway, that is the jest of it. Amazing water dogs, great for companion, but are also Dove, Turkey and Duck dogs. They have lot's of nicknames too. The Little Dog that doesn't rock the Boat, South Carolina's Native Son and several others. If you want to know anything else, I'm sure that I can tell you. This is my 4th and I am also an Advocate for BSR. My male Earl, Jr. (EJ) weighs 40#s and my Baby weighs 21#s, she is half the size of EJ but she can hold her own.wishes

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Oh, btw, they were SC's best kept secret for over 70 years!!! This past year was their first appearance at Westminster, so, the secret is out!!!shh