Any other Boxer have digestive problems...

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Barked: Thu Oct 29, '09 7:25am PST 
Hannah has digestive problems
I was told boxers often do

Vet said not a real big deal as long as she keeps her weight and doesn't start going down
she weights 58lbs
42 last christmas when we got her from someone that could no longer take care of her

her poo is always runny and she will have an accident in the house if not taken out every 4 hours

we have some problems with her at nite if she eats after 4 pm that day

Just wondering if any other Boxers have the same digestive issues and how you handle things

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Barked: Thu Oct 29, '09 4:21pm PST 
Hi Hannah! wave

Digestive problems are VERY common with Boxers. shrug

What are you feeding Hannah?

It takes trial and error to find the right combination. With Chewie we feed him CA Naturals Lamb and Rice and I have tried MANY brands. I also use a probiotic/enzyme to help absorb the appropriate nutrients/vitamins as well as to assist in digestion (I personally take enzymes as well after gall bladder removal and believe me they help tremendously).

I've also used pumpkin (100% pure) in the past, but it didn't seem to help much, although others swear by it. I've also heard yogurt is good because of the probiotics in them.

Sometimes when Chewie has super runny poo I'll mix some white rice in with his kibble, that firms things up.

In your case though, I would be concerned about the inability to eat after a certain time. I'll be curious to hear back about her diet.

Hopefully it's not colitis, which is common in Boxers. But you may want to read up on it just in case.

Good luck and you might also want to head over to Boxertown group and ask others there. A lot of us deal with this ALL the time.

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Barked: Sun Nov 1, '09 10:06pm PST 
yeah, unfortunately it is all too common. Max has some issues.. Diet is very important. What are you feeding now? My dogs have done the best on Grain free foods- especially Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream formula. Max actually has completely firm poops on it! For the first time in 3 1/2 years! I've been satisfied as long as it was not completely runny, soft was acceptable- now Max is actually having regular poops! I'm loving it! Bol!

Yogurt, Pumpkin, plain rice are all good things that can firm up poops. I'd be concerned mainly because he can't hold it. Has your vet done a stool sample to rule nasty anything out? Also, as Chewbaca also said, Colitis is another likely culprit for these pups.

But start with diet. Try and find something without corn, soy, or byproducts. Your primary sources of protein should be (in the top five ingredients) at least one fresh meat source and at least one meat meal. IE, Chicken, Chicken Meal, etc.

California Naturals is a bit low in terms of protein, but a lot of pups who have really sensitive stomaches or allergies do really well on them because of their limited ingredients. Head over to the food and nutrition questions if you have specific questions about food. You can also check out www.boxerworld.com and their sister site, www.dogfoodanalysis.com for some great information as well. Go to the reviews on dogfoodanalysis, personally, I stick with 4 stars and up.


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Barked: Mon Nov 16, '09 6:21am PST 
Turk is a fit 70lbs and has allergy's to a lot of commercial foods. He was doing ok on Acana's Grain free dry food but a bit too lean. He is currently on Nature's Recipe because it has lower protein content than Acana he has been doing very well on this food.
Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae
Barked: Mon Nov 23, '09 6:22pm PST 
Sallie Mae has digestive problems only to the point of being able to clear a whole room with one fart, BOL. It hasn't changed much with the brand of food, it helped using probiotics and yogurt. Don't forget the lysol spray and febreeze. It also helps to make sure there is at least one man present--preferably my hubby to blame it on!!

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Barked: Thu Nov 26, '09 10:31am PST 
Sallie, we're the opposite! BOL! No matter what it is (burps or farts) or who did it, we immediately look at Max and go "that was gross, Max!" It's become the family joke! laugh out loud

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Barked: Sat Nov 28, '09 9:00pm PST 
My girl has Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome. She was vommitting ALOT and always had runny stool. The vet told me to feed her Priority NutraBalance Rice & Lamb. You can only get it from Safeway grocery store. He also told me not to give her anything but that food. She can't have table scraps or treats. The only other thing I give her that doesn't upset her stomach is rawhide bones. She hasn't had any problems since, except the few times she snuck into the kitchen & got into something. When she did get into something the vet told me I could give her a half dose of pepto bismol to stop vommitting and to feed her only half the food I usually do and replace the other half with white rice until her stool was no longer runny. She also had horrible gas before her new diet & while she still has gas, it's become much less of a problem. Hope this helps!!