Heavy Duty Chew Toy?

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Barked: Tue Nov 18, '08 1:23pm PST 
Hi all wave

Mom's on the lookout for a new chew toy for me. What's tough, is that alot of the seemingly heavy duty chew toys don't last. After a few mins with me, I end up chewing them to bits.

Does anyone else have this issue? What's the toughest chew toy?
Miss Ruby

Jelly Bean- Dancer
Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 2:28pm PST 
My Mommy likes the KONG toys. The red ones seem to last the longest so far. We might try one of the black ones next time since I do chew them up fairly quickly.

Barked: Wed Nov 19, '08 6:49pm PST 
We jsut got a new really heavy duty treats ball. Its a good one. We'll try to find a brand name for you

Lily Plata

Watch your toes!
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 8:39pm PST 
I would suggest the Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone - pretty sure that is what it is called. You can screw on different treats and buy refills for it. I got it at my vets office but just recently saw it at Target...for alot less! PLus it is dishwasher safe. It comes in 3 sizes but the large is actually recommended for Boxers...say so on the package. It is one tough toy and keep her busy for a long time.

Good luckblue dog

Barked: Wed Nov 26, '08 9:50pm PST 
I gotta throw my hat in the ring for the kong. The super giant one is loads of entertainment for our guys, and isn't even phased by mastiff jaws.