I'm getting in trouble alone in the house....any advice?

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Jaxel- Rose-----Welcome- to the- Jungle....
Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 7:22am PST 
My mommy and daddy are starting to get very frustrated with me. I was a good boy while they were at work and stayed in my crate for over a year. Then I start shifting the crate all across the house, marking up the floors and eating the bedding (no matter how many treats I had in there!). They finally tested me staying in a few rooms in the house by myself! I was usually pretty good. Mom got me toys that drop treats, bones, peanut butter filled kongs and hides treats so I have to search for them! She also leaves Animal Planet on so I won't be lonely. Now, at TWO, I decided to revert back to puppy hood and am eating toilet paper, blinds, DVDs, remotes, cameras, newspaper....anything I'm not allowed to have. Even as a puppy I wouldn't touch what I wasn't allowed to. Dad wants to put me back in my crate but I'm pretty high energy and see trouble happening. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to entertain me when my parents are gone? I really want to be good and sometimes I am but I certainly have my days....

Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 11:43am PST 
Hi Jax, has something changed recently that you're having a hard time coping with? Mom and Dad working different shifts, additions to the household? It's interesting how things that used to be comfortable (crate) now is not so much.

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Barked: Tue Oct 28, '08 2:48pm PST 
Naughty boy!! BOL!!
Do you get a walk before being left alone?


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Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 12:43am PST 
Chewie, that's the first thing I thought of, too...

If you aren't walking before you leave Jax, that may solve your problem... The more tired he is the less trouble he'll need to find to entertain himself. That said, Max is still crated- I wouldn't trust him alone in the house at all... I can barely go to the bathroom without him finding something to eat... probably too much info, so sorry- just trying to make the point that Max is crated and does fine with it. We tell him to "go to bed" and he pretty much just walks in and goes to sleep...

Tired is key, though.
Hershey aka- Silky

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Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 10:05am PST 
Yes walks do wonders & boxers need plenty of exercise or they will become destructive. Mia(another boxer) & I get @least a 30 min walk before Mommy leaves for work, when she comes back she takes us out right away for a good 1 hr sometimes 2. Something you can try is lettin him run freely somewhere in a backyard if you have 1, we dont so we go to the park. Try leaving him with a kong filled with treats or dog food and sealed up with peanut butter (freeze it the night before) as this makes it more interesting & lasts longer. Mommy only does this 4us if 1 of us has 2 go somewhere & the other is left alone as we would fight over it since we arent crated.

Hang in there I just to be a lot of trouble when I was younger but it can be done. Mommy just makes sure to keep her room & the bathroom closed.

Jaxel- Rose-----Welcome- to the- Jungle....
Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 11:30am PST 
Thanks for the advice guys! I do get a walk or get to run around the backyard in the mornings before Mom leaves for work, but I'm pretty lazy in the mornings. Mom usually has to pull me out of bed to go outside! I think my bad times are sometime afternoon. Mom was going to come home at lunch but she was afraid I'd get anxiety after she left again and make me go crazy!! I am back in my crate now and I'm being okay in there and mom gives me bones and peanut butter filled treats. I think I'm just that dog that needs human companionship at all times. Mom and Dad are working at letting me be a bit more independent and hope that I will grow out of it!