need advice about getting fixed

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Barked: Sun Oct 19, '08 1:25pm PST 
im getting fixed on wednesday is this a good choice? i herd it will calm me down. i wanted to breed but tyson is hyper. he loves going for our feet and hands. any advice would help. i need to update my pics.

Barked: Mon Oct 20, '08 1:35pm PST 
How old is he. I was told my boxer will calm down around 2 years old, the only reason I would do it is if it is a health problem.

Boxer Gentleman
Barked: Mon Oct 20, '08 8:11pm PST 
Uhm...... Your Boxer is not likely to calm down much energy wise from being fixed. We are called the peter pan of the dog world for a reason. It WILL help on some health issues that come from being in tact, and it WILL help a bit on those hormonal issues that will crop up at sexual maturity (with some dogs)

We applaud your choice not to breed though. Its a huge undertaking to do it right, and not something to do if you aren't 110% ready for the challenge.


Don't let things- bother you!
Barked: Tue Oct 21, '08 8:52pm PST 
Well, it helped me with my macho man-ness and I always wanted to fulfill but was not allowed so I was going crazy. I'm much more better behaved after I was fixed- I have doggy friends now and not competition. I'm a family man now. It helped with prostate issues too.

About the energy, we are boxers. At 12 there are times I still act like a goof. The only change mom saw in me was at 4. But we're an active bunch.

As far as breeding, there is a lot more too it than you would think.
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