Question about body language

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Hi! I just found and joined this site and have a question about my puppy's body language. He is a 17 week old golden retriever/lab/border collie mix. Even though he's only 1/4 border collie, his personality and behaviors seem to be dominated by that part of him. He is a great dog, smart, learning a lot through the training classes we've been doing, and likes other dogs. Yesterday he did something I had never seen him do and I'm just wondering if it meant something. A large, older, female golden was walking down our street with her owners. Bentley had never met her and showed interest so her owners entered our yard and called her. (She was off her leash) Bentley suddenly laid down in a sort if crouching/creeping position with his head down on his paws and his ears up and alert. Then he bounded toward her and they sniffed and played. Her male owner then called to Bentley and he did the same thing to the other owner. Normally Bentley is very wary of men when my husband isn't around. Anyway, I know this wasn't a strange or upsetting behavior, in fact the crouching/creeping was very cute. He has just never done that before and I've seen that stance in border collies in videos I've watched where they are herding. Does it mean anything in particular?

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