New Border Collie X, just some questions...

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Barked: Mon Jan 13, '14 7:09am PST 
Hello there my name is "Ace". (I am sooo sorry this will be a long post, but I love to type alot)

I am -one- of a kind from a litter of -eleven- (Father= Purebred Border Collie; Mother= Bull Arab X Great Dane) and I am black and white like the Ace cards which represent both 1 and 11 and can be black and white. I am 9 weeks old currently, 11 inches (28cm) tall and 5 kg (11 lb) and absolutely love my new home and family. I have my Mummy (Cassandra) and my Aunt (Rosie); plus my sister's "Ayla Jean", a de-sexed 7 yr female toy poodle and "Trouble", a de-sexed 1.5 year old kitty.

I am settling in well but I wanted to ask any other border collies how they got older housemates of a smaller breed and also older age to get along with them, she keeps growling and getting nippy when I get close to her. I am really nice and roll on my side/back in submission though sometimes growl back because all I want is to play. I love tennis balls though don't know how to "fetch" and I love to just run around, I see her chasing them and want to join in but she just bowls me over, growls, snaps or runs a big birth around me to get to the person throwing, my mum and aunt have tried many things and she hasn't changed her mind, I think it is because her own mummy, my aunt, gives me more attention when she makes a correctional growl which I abide, my own mummy tries to stop aunt but she thinks my sister needs to learn to accept me and with how it goes I know she wont.

I also have a bad habit of peeing inside, I will not do a number two but I keep having accidents and I know where the door is and that it is open 24/7 just for me and also if I whine a specific way I get taken out. They wish to crate train me, but, through all their efforts I will not settle in it unless I know they are in the room (I have separation anxiety), any door will wake me, footsteps, whispers, creaking noises, my sister barking. How can I settle down, they have tried personal items for scent/comfort, ticking clocks, tv, and even though I know its a safe place I don't like it unless it is bedtime or it is movie time for my mum and aunt. I will sleep continuously with my sister in the cage but I wiggle and move around unconsciously which makes her uncomfortable and she growls and sometimes goes at me while I am asleep, she is not aggressive through history (she does have little dog syndrome to larger dogs - though I am only just 1/2 an inch taller), but, her Mummy, my aunt, has been giving my more attention because I smell like cookies and she smells like a dirty dog and her mums unwilling to bathe her. Mum tried explaining it, but aunty doesn't believe her, I feel bad for my older sister.

They have also tried everything they know to stop my nipping and biting, but, sadly I don't get the idea, I just keep going with the mouthing and think its all play, toys don't distract me enough and neither do other things, treats just make me want to mouth more to get the food.

Which brings up the last thing...I am an absolute food hog, I llooovvvveeeee my food, kibble, wet food, treats, chewies, pigs trotters, anything that hits the floor. This makes me want my sisters dinner, she eats slower while I pig out as fast as I can (due to being the runt of my old litter I hardly got the food I needed and don't want to loose it now though I know no one will steal it) and then bark and whine wishing she would share her smaller portion as I eat more and am now slightly bigger after 2 weeks of being here, I don't get close, but, she's always for 7 years not allowed another dog within paws reach of her food and I understand that, but, sometimes can't help but get close causing her to growl, snap and threaten (she never does damage) my mum and aunt are afraid of me getting bloat as I have Great Dane in my family tree and they wish to avoid that and me getting snappy back at my sister for her food since I will only get bigger.

Please any help for my mummy to help sort it out would be great, she has 2 weeks being 24/7 at home before starting school and I must be at least knowing outside is the place to pee and not to be upset as aunt prefers staying in her own room (as she has a bad back and her special chair is where she has to be most the day to keep from pain) which is off-limits to me.

Any help will be thanked 1000x over.