Positive Energy needed!

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Phoenix-"show me- once, I can do- it"!
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '12 11:17am PST 
rainbow ever since Phoenix and Bree's mentor and lead doggy pack member, our precious old girl Sitka.. crossed the Rainbow Bridge on
July 23, 2012... there has been some confused, lonely, sad pups in our home. My grandson thinks it is because of the saddness from me and my husband. I agree that is a big part of it I am sure, I KNOW dogs pick up on our emotions. We are trying very much to keep routines as normal as possible and be upbeat, but they are too smart/sensitive/intuitive! , Phoenix and Bree are very much showing their loss. Sitka was here when both of them were brought home as weeee little pups...so she raised them, they SERIOUSLY respected her and wanted her with them ! They are eating and playing, but both have become much more clingy than normal. And for anyone who knows Border Collies...you know they are all about play and wanting to be outside! Phoenix is spending waaaaaay more time inside and in whatever room I am in at the time (not like him). Bree won't sleep in her bed which used to be right next to Sitka's bed! We moved it away from where Sitka used to be but still in the area...still no go! We had cleaned out the bedroom closet next to our bed and put Sitka's bed in there, with the doors open all of the time of course, (she loved her little den). Bree goes in there whenever we have the closet open now and sniffs a LOT ! turns walks out, looks at us and lays on the floor (not her bed??)
Sooooo I am asking for all our Dogster friends and their humans to please say a little prayer, and send positive healing energy for Phoenix and Bree... blue dogfeeling BLUE in Maryland frown