blue heeler not a good listener in public

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Barked: Thu Nov 1, '12 3:21pm PST 
my blue heeler will not listen to a word i say when out in public. he seems to ignore everything i do or say. it can be hard to take him places when i never know what he will do. this extends to members of my family who live in the same house. when they are around he will not behave. i should also note that he is 3.5 years old and we just adopted him from a shelter about a month ago. the story we got was the people who had him previously decided they didnt want him anymore and decided to have him put down. the vet refused and asked to keep him which is how he ended up in the shelter. the shelter also told us he was neglected with his previous owners. he was left outside all day and night on the deck. as far as we know he had never been indoors and rarely in a car. my next step will be to try some professional training classes. we just love him so much and want a well behaved dog at all times. any thoughts.