Blue heeler agression

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We have a blue heeler about 18 mo. old and just had him neutered hoping to change his behavior. He has attached himself to my wife. Roscoe is very smart. Retrieves balls, takes objects to us but when my wife is in the house Roscoe growls at others who approach my wife. Even I get growled at and it is a very scary growl. He hasn't bitten anyone yet but we want to stop this behavior. When my wife leaves he is pretty much neutral behavior. But, Roscoe will then come near me and growl at others. It is almost like he gets threatened by anyone else other than my wife and when she is not there he goes to me. And, Roscoe will only nip at her heels no one else gets his nipping.
Roscoe's behavior changes as soon as you pet him or say"go get your ball"? Then it is like nothing ever happened. But, that scary growl is a real stopper.
How does one change this behavior??? Suggestions because if we can't Roscoe will be out the door.

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Blue Heelers are bred to protect their "herd" from predators whether they be two-leggeed or four-legged. Your wife needs to take control and let your heeler know that this is not acceptable behavior through scolding or some other form of making them leave the area (ie. "go lay down"). They also consider their "toys" as part of their herd so using distractions in this way is helpful, but you don't always have a toy lying around. It's always best to explain your dog's characteristics to whomever is approaching so they understand he is just naturally being protective.

ALL Blue Heelers have this inherent instinct...some have it more prevalent than others based on how their owners have molded their reactions to people and other things that set them off. They are also very intuitive. If they know you will not be pleased with their behavior they will be able to "feel" it, but only if you're "present" prior to the unwanted behavior.

They are definitely not a leave-it-in-yard-to-be-like-a-dog breed. They need as much positive interaction with their owners as is possible. It's what they live for...as well as chasing toys...and squirrels.

Hope this is helpful.

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I hope you havent given Roscoe away,theyre awesome dogs.A good tv show to watch is the dog whisperer.!channellet me watch this under t.v shows type in dog whisperer.I hop this helps.