Nervous Scratching?

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Barked: Sun Sep 11, '11 9:50pm PST 
Hi, I currently have two ACD's.(Mother and son) The mother Sydney is 9, and the son Buster is 6. She is AKC purebred. When she was about four she was hit in the eye with a fetching stick severing her optic nerve causing her to go blind in her right eye. The doctor did warn us that eventually the left would go. Well, the time has come and she has about 20% left in the left eye. She can see far off to a degree but nothing close. She runs all around the house and backyard fine but will straight into my leg if she can't hear me.

The problem I have now is her compulsive scratching and itching. Her skin is not in bad shape and it really isn't red except for when she creates hot spots. At this point I could use some direction in which way to go. She is on blue buffalo food(sweet potato and fish) with fish oil.

Is is time to get some blood work done and see where she stands? The scratching and itching is driving us all crazy and it is not comfortable for her. I feel like it is almost more of a nervous habit than anything.