Blue Heeler/ Newfoundland good combo?

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Hi, I am writing to ask what fellow blue-heeler families think about the combination of an ACD and a Newfie. We recently bought two from the same litter and I am noticing a large difference between the girl and the boy. She favors the mother (heeler) and he, the father (newfie).

I grew up with Newfie's and have read a lot about heelers before we took the plunge. I am both impressed and daunted at the same time. They have learned to come (most of the time) and to sit (nearly all of the time) they are starting to process the loose leash concept and are starting to process house training.

all of that is with me.

They are supposed to be my kids dogs, but they are having difficulty convincing the dogs that they need to listen to them like they do with me.

Is this the heeler in them?
Any suggestions?

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Dear folks,

We have a Newfoundland male may be half Great Pyrenees, whole litter was a rescue. We also have a huge Blue Heeler male. Both are very obedient, very loving and very responsive. We have had the Newfoundland 8 years and the Heeler seven years. The heeler was dumped in front of our church seven years ago and was at least one year old when dumped. They are both very good dogs, but unfortunately we can't let them near each other because once they became adults, all they want to do is kill each other. Both are good with chickens, our goats and kitty cats. The Newfoundland is good with all goats, including the neighbors' goats who come through the fence. The Blue Heeler chases the neighbors' goats back home and he also thinks any kittens under twelve weeks are rats and will shake them to death unless I can get between him and them very quickly. He sleeps and eats with adult cats just fine. We have had the Newfoundland since about five weeks old. The blue heeler was dumped on us by his abusive owner. He also "horse-barks" at our horses and bites them in the hind legs every chance he gets. Correcting him verbally for this does no good and giving him a swat for biting horses only deters him for that moment. He has been trying to bite horses for seven years now. Some of the horses think that's a real blast and try to play hard back with him. I fear one day I may have a vet bill and it WON'T be for a horse.
I understand that Blue Heelers that are brought up with horses get along with them fine.

Now what is odd is I can carry one of our new baby goats or walk a baby goat past him and say to him, "This is MY GOAT. You don't bother MY GOAT!!" and he looks at me and never bothers the baby goat ever. Yet I can say "Leave the horse alone!!!" until I am blue in the face and it does absolutely no good at all. I know I would never be safe taking him along if I am on horseback. I could end up being badly hurt. He will try to nip horses even if I have the horse haltered and am leading it somewhere.

As to our Newfoundland. He has several chickens that sleep in his huge doghouse with him and two that have made nests on either side of him. They will lay up to eight eggs apiece before he cleans out their nests and eats all their eggs. He will always leave one or two eggs so they go back and lay some more eggs for him. The hens have never figured out why those two hens never hatch out any chicks! The Newfoundland also lays down and lets the chickens peck and groom him and work on his fur. Then he flips to the other side so they can get him all over. He never has a flea. The chickens groom Blue-Blue's area and keep fleas out of his doghouse, but they do not try to groom him. Sometimes they lay eggs in the heeler's doghouse which of course, he eats all those, too. He will attack an adult chicken if it gets in his food dish, but he will snap, not kill the chicken.

This is about all I know personally about these two breeds besides what I read on the internet.


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