Problem with Fred skin.

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Barked: Sat Oct 2, '10 3:40am PST 
I have to report a problem with Fred skin.
He has been under the vets for a number of weeks now
the vet did a skin test which cost 250 pounds. This came back all clear but Fred was in a lot of pain.
He was put on some anti bio. cleared up some of the infection.
But he was still in pain.
So the vet has put him on Prednisolone 5 table a day and they do nothing but he does not mind taking them
He was also give a spray which he hated. Fred has not got bad bone in his body but this treatment Cortavance 0.584 mg/ml 76ml testing him to the limit.That coat 25 pound.
When talking to the vet their was another drug that would work but the cost of that is 2.66 per tablet x 2 a day from the vet Atopica would be 340 pounds per month.
Then the vet said I could try Hay Fever table for Fred.
On one had I had a dog who was very unhappy and my Moto is a long as a dog eats his food and wages his /her tail if they are not doing this I would put a dog to sleep. Yes it very hard when a dog is so young.
So after long walks with Fred I thought about what the vet was saying so I just happen to have some hay fever table in the house . Still taking the Prednisolone tablet and the hay fever table every 8 hours during the day time but not at night I just put the hood on Fred.
The change is Fred is far more than I dreamed
The table for human work after 15 min with Fred they work after 30 Mins. and works for about 7 hours but I give him next table 8 hours afterwards
I have been using Benadry1 Allergy Relief Acrivastine
Fast effective relief from allergies last 8 hours
Hay Fever, Dust Allergy, pet Allergy and Skin Allergies
Each capsule contain 8mg. The capsule also contain Lactose, Sodium strch glycollate, magnesium stearate, gelatin, colouring (E171) and purified water
For Fred they are a life saver he will be on these for the rest of his life.
As this a rare mix of breed this something that has happen and I am reporting as it is this started just befor Fred 3rd Birthaday.