My Dog is Lost - Can Anyone Help Give Advice?

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Max a- Million

Barked: Fri Jan 16, '09 10:41am PST 
We are totally devastated - My bloodhound has been gone for about 4 days now, he's almost 2 years old... He's staying at my brother's house (my husband passed away and we can't keep him at home anymore). My brother lives in a wide expanse of woods with lots of other dogs living around. He's been living there for about 8-9 months now... The last day we saw him, he was kinda acting like he didn't feel very well--kinda held his head down, but he did come to us when we called for him & he wagged his tail when we petted him.. I thought maybe he had been with a "girl dog" and was just worn out. That was Monday evening and my brother hasn't seen him since. It's now Friday morning. I'm worried that he may have been sick or something - I guess I should have kept him there & took him to the vet... Do bloodhounds normally go off for days at a time? Maybe following a girl dog in heat? Or is it more likely that there was something more wrong with him than just “being tired” and maybe he’s gone off in the woods to die?

I know this is a Crazy Thing to be asking - but can anyone give any advice on what we can do to find him. I am at a total loss and don't know what to do next - my children are devastated--this is just too soon after their father's death for them to handle. I've called all the neighbors, no one has seen him.. He's never went away for this long before--My brother has another "small dog" that he always plays with - That dog is still home. He's only went away for a few hours at a time--not for days. I'm just so desperate to find him---I have driven down there to look for him once this week (I live an hour away--hard for me to get there before dark because I work during the day). I don't mean to ramble, but I was hoping that someone who had a bloodhound could give me some advice on how to search for him or what to do. Thank you for listening - any help would be appreciated... God Bless!


Gotta Love Me!
Barked: Sat Mar 7, '09 7:11am PST 
Just came across you post from January. I'm almost afraid to ask... Did you find your dog? I sure hope so. We've gone through the same worries and heartache ourselves, so I understand. I hope you he was found safe and sound.
Daryl Ann