Bloodhound/Mastiff crosses

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Bonnie and- Clyde In- Loving Me

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Barked: Sat Jul 12, '08 11:54am PST 
Are there very many Bloodhound /Mastiff crosses out there? We got a couple of litter mates from a breeders accident and knew we would like to get more when they were no longer with us. Last month we had to put our 'big boy' Clyde down. We still have his sister Bonnie and she seems to be still in pretty good health but I dread the day she leaves us. She is my special squeeze puppy and always has been. They are the most wonderful dogs combining aspects from both breeds. The breeder told us that down in South America they cross these breeds on purpose. I always wondered if there were breeders here in the US that did as well.thinking

The Bufinator
Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 8:37am PST 
We found Buford at a local farm. He is an extraordinary dog, even the vet singles him out as "different, not a regular dog". We've had a lot of extraordinary dogs in our lives, but he has a special quality. Maybe he just communicates better? Very strongwilled, stubborn to a fault at times, and yet so sensitive to any correction or displeasure on our part. We are working hard to curb any agressive/protective tendencies. So far, he is a sweetheart with strangers. We wanted to wait till one year to have him neutered, but may have to do it sooner. Anyway, several people have stopped us and identified him as a "Fila", which is some kind of South American dog that was bred from mastiff/bloodhound stock. He is very beautiful, with dark brown and reddish-gold brindle markings. Interested to know the growth history of your pups. He is 110+ at six months. Wondering where he will top out.

Thanks, and enjoyed Bonnie's page!
Bonnie and- Clyde In- Loving Me

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Barked: Sat Sep 6, '08 12:59pm PST 
Glad to hear from you! I have heard from one other person that had this cross. Our Clyde weighed 164 lbs. at his heaviest. I have to admit he was a little over weight as he got older and his hips started bothering him more so he couldn't get out and run around like he did when he was younger. I'd say your guy is going to be pretty big when he gets full grown and fills out.

They really are the most wonderful dogs. Ours had the Bloodhound for the mother and they were always very friendly toward people. Not so much to strange dogs that would come on our property but if you took them away from their territory, like to the vet they didn't act aggressive to other dogs there.

Guido Luigi- Snugglebunz

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Barked: Wed Feb 25, '09 10:05pm PST 
Hello All. We adopted a "purebred" bloodhound and we believed it. So far every vet we have seen says he is a bloodhound mastiff mix. He is almost 2, as near as we can tell, and is 155lbs and up past our waists. He is a sweetheart. He shares a home with 2 sighted pugs & 2 vision impaired pugs. We lovingly call him the big pug. How are your dogs temperment? I saw a mention of curbing agressive tendencies. Our Cooper was nearly starved to death, abandoned & chained to an empty house on a reservation. He had some food issues, stealing whole loaves of bread & guarding them. Better now but I still worry about the one pug who is large dog aggressive setting him off. What do you think? Should I worry?

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Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 9:57am PST 
I noticed both of you have experience with the bloodhound/mastiff mix. We are considering purchasing a puppy with the same mix in the next week. The mother is full bloodhound and the father is full english mastiff. A lot of people have warned us about the bloodhound because we live on 12.5 acres and she will not be leashed or fenced and they say if she gets onto a scent she will be gone. Let me know your thoughts. Should I be worried about this? Or is it just bad advice from people that once they hear "bloodhound" they automatically associate the fact they are trackers?

Ready Freddie
Barked: Tue Apr 28, '09 11:35am PST 
We have a bloodhound/American bulldog cross, and as you probably know, the American bulldog is the smallest member of the Mastiff family. Luke is a gorgeous looking dog and you can see his profile here on Dogster. We think they should purposely cross these two breeds to make one breed as well because Luke is a great dog. He weighs about 100 pounds, looks a lot like a bloodhound but is built like a bulldog.

Barked: Thu Jun 18, '09 9:53pm PST 
We believe our dog moochie is a bloodhound/mastiff mix. We got him from a rescue organization about 5 months ago.

The Brazilian dog that some people mention, from what I've read, is more than just a bloodhound/mastiff mix and is bred for aggressiveness.

Our dog is anything but aggressive. He's about 125-130lbs and is as gentle as a dog that size can be (well, when we're not playing rough with him, at least). He lays down on the ground to play with very small dogs (he was playing with a 2.5lb dog last weekend). He hasn't played with children yet, but I suspect he'll understand the size difference.

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We have Baby who is the most awesome

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i currently have an english mastiff male bred to a bloodhound female in the state of michian.cant wait mom and dad are awsome gentle loving family companions.as of right now i plan to ask no less than 300 for pups.shipping will not be an option. my e-mail is..bavarianhausk9@charter.net my tel# is 1-989-262-8106 ask for patrick

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We have an awesome bloodhound/mastiff mix. The most outstanding dog ever, We live on a farm and at 170lbs and almost 2yrs old he is gentle with all the animals and knows to be nice. We make him homemade dog food. Also did not let him rough house for the first year of his life and built a ramp so he did not have to do steps so that he would not end up with bad hips. We wold love to find a girl to breed him with,