My Biewer is coming home soon.

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Barked: Tue Oct 18, '11 3:33pm PST 
My new Biewer terrier is coming home soon and I am excited. I hear he is bigger than the ones my mom got. Grown he should be 5 pounds. Has anyone ever introduced a biewer to a larger dog. I have a cockapoo and standard poodle. I have taught the standard to lay down when he played with a kitten. I figure to do the same with Brewster my Biewer. I think it all should go well and will not be leaving them alone. Too big of size difference. Any special advice for a new Biewer owner? I am very excited. I will be training him to help me on my pain days by laying against my shoulders and arms. My cockapoo used to do that for me but she has horrible dander and fur that I am allergic too.