Yelping climbing up a step

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Barked: Fri Apr 11, '14 12:51am PST 
Hi, I have an 8 wk old puppy, he is playful and energetic, yesterday my 2 year old girl, stood on him and flattened him to the floor, the kids have been picking him up by his front legs and now he is yelping when u pick him up and yelps when he is climbing the back door step, I was wondering if he has sprain his shoulders, he is not limping and does not wince when I palate his front legs and shoulders, he is jumping up for dinner and cries but this is excitement for his food. I have made a ramp over the back door step to try and stop him from jumping up, any ideas what it could be, he is at the vet Monday for his health check but thought I would give him a few days to recover, am I doing the right thing