7mo old Malinois puppy. Very.. very calm..

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Barked: Thu Aug 15, '13 9:04am PST 
Hi guys.
I have a 7mo old Mali puppy here, 62lb big male, vet says he's healthy, shots utd, no parasites or anything.. but he is just a bump on a log!

He does play, but has nothing near the amount of energy I was expecting. I'm thinking maybe he's just reserved because he's unsure.

He did come from a pretty bad situation. His first seven months were spent out in a kennel with a group of malinois that were fighting the whole time I was there to evaluate him, and he just cowered from me and flinched at their noises the whole time and was covered in scars and (minor) wounds.

I've only had him a few weeks, so I'm hoping he'll perk up. What do you guys think?

[edit] He's starting to find some energy now, but I think he's just a passive boy. smile

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Barked: Tue Dec 3, '13 8:43am PST 
How's your boy doing now? Malinois are very sensitive which would explain his cowering. There are a lot of Malinois in Florida. Miami Dade County has them almost weekly. It's so sad. That's where my Kiera came from. He is most likely going through his destructive phase of chewing and tearing up everything in sight by now. LOL! I am sure he has picked up some activity by now too. If you suspect abuse and or the dogs were mistreated etc where you got him from, PLEASE report them! Enjoy your boy in the meantime. snoopy

Barked: Thu Jan 2, '14 10:27am PST 
He's amazing. smile

He HAS destroyed a couch, a crate (not even his..), a table, and many many toys since the last time I posted here, lol shrug but he makes up for it in spades by being the most loving, loyal, funny, fun, protective, handsome, momma's boy dog I've ever had the joy of having in my home.

It is a shame how many mals are being irresponsibly bred in this area. I never saw them at all and then suddenly this past year they're everywhere. :/

Your girl is beautiful!