Am I part Bel-Mal?

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Barked: Sat Apr 25, '09 8:10am PST 
Apparently this is a common question. We've always assumed she was some kind of Shepherd Mix, but I was hoping for some opinions from people who know this breed well if you see any of it in Sierra. I've actually just begun to learn about this breed but my girl has the personality of a Bel Mal to a T, but not the coloring and her butt is about an inch lower than her shoulders. Just curious, thanks for taking the time!

Barked: Wed Oct 7, '09 9:58am PST 
Errm... I wouldn't say absolutely no to Mal. Maybe.. But she really looks like a GSD/Heeler mix to me. Or maybe some Kelpie.

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Barked: Fri Oct 16, '09 1:02am PST 
Doubt it. Maybe you have some Beauceron? Your coloring looks very Beau to me. Also Kelpie - a herder breed as well, which may explain a lot of the behavior.