Aggression, Introducing Dogs, Pecking Order, etc?

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Barked: Tue Jun 26, '07 6:51pm PST 
Pie has gotten progressively more aggressive towards other dogs since I got her a little over a year ago. (Check out my blog entry.) But I'm just curious as to whether there's any hope that I may someday be able to introuduce Pie to a new family dog or playmate. I've never really been a one dog kind of girl. When I got her, we had two other dogs - a 100 lb. German Shepherd named Charlie and a 20 lb. Cocker Spaniel mix named Mimi. Mimi was the dominant one. Charlie was a dopey, submissive guy. Initially, Pie was afraid of Charlie and wouldn't go near him. Pie and Mimi seemed to get along, but then they started fighting constantly. Pie never had any confrontations with Charlie. In time, she started to play with him and follow him around, though he mostly just looked annoyed. I'm wondering if maybe she's only aggressive towards females? Or dogs her size? I don't know. Anyone have an opinion or related story?
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sure.... get out there and socialize your dog. Get enrolled into some group classes where she can be around other dogs... head out to parks and reinforce her for approching other dogs without getting worked up.... and do this ALL THE TIME. Work it at least two times a week, if not more. Head to a Petsmart and just hangout there.

See if she really has an issue or if shes just under socialized. When you do let her greet other dogs, don't hold the leash tight, because this tells her that your'e tense, which makes her skeptical. Keep things loose, positive and short amounts of time so there isn't time to get negative.
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Everything Khola said. way to go

Even if you adopt a new dog and they don't 'get along' at first, there's still hope. Josie and Levi fought like dogs and... dogs at first, now they're a tight pack. Levi was raised in the pound from 6 months old to adulthood, and never learned dog language/behavior/manners. Levi did not speak 'Dog'.

We worked HARD with him, the same you will have to do with Pie, and it has paid off-- after three or four months he could be kept alone with Josie, and after six months I can trust him around other dogs more or less.

NILIF (Nothing In Life Is Free) can be your new best friend. You can google it up. Watch Cesar Millan and how he acts around dogs-- watch how he enters/exists the room, how he greets strange dogs, and especially study the body language on his show: his, and the dog's.

You maintaining 'pack leader' position is very important in rehabilitating a dog in our situation.

When/if you do pick out a new dog, take Pie to meet any potential new house mate before you choose. You may not be able to force two dogs to get along if they absolutely dislike each other. Also, match the dog's energy to Pie's-- this is very important.

Socialize, socialize, socialize! Don't let Pie get away with bad behavior!

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I am gonna take a different route.Let's think horses for a second.I have 4 horses and i am getting another one.Well here's the pecking order.Sunny,Reno,KoKo,Rocket.This changes every week or so.But when I bring the new horse in that horse will be in a seperate pen first.Then we will ride with my friends on each of my horses.Of course when she goes in with then herd she is gonna be at the bottom.But Reno(female)fights with Rocket(male) adn Sunny(male) sometimes.But she never fughts with KoKo(female)She comes across as a streong horse so i dont know why she is fighting the lowest horse maybe to tell him where he stands and the highest horse to win his postion.But I wish ya luck.big grin